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@floppy The thing is, that I've can you give multiple examples. Not my week I guess.

I am the stupidest man alive. Where is my crown?

@thorn Make no sense to discuss this topic with you. Have a nice one.

@thorn So, my point still stand as it is meant for all social media platforms. IMO even a 'healthy' community / social media instance would benefit from this change.

'Evil' platforms even more, if you think about the consequences of those changes.

@dajbelshaw Same. Don't understand the hype. Felt the same back when I watched 'Parasite'.

@thorn So, what about Mastodon? Is it not 'pure' enough for you?

search term -site:pinterest.com

Just in case.

@floppy Got it! Thank you for your feedback and clarification. Appreciate it!

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