Playing around with 'External Actions' on . Already got some ideas.

Additional feature: ambient lighting n, ocean blue / can be used as a flashlight

2 layers of duct tape can't stop this light from blinding me from across the room.

Day 31 of with

Added the option to my abbreviation db tool to choose the csv file to import. Besides this I've looked up some project ideas.

Day 3 of
Wrote something a bit coding and upcoming projects. Further information will follow tomorrow since I am not sure what I should share and what not.
+ added a tracker for this project to my site

Day 28 of with

Added a small module to test functions separately before implementing them fully into my mess of code.

The part I've spent more time on was the function to display the correct wikipedia article for the abbreviation in question. Just type '?' and get the wikipedia article presented.

The next step is to give the choice between different languages.

Day 27 of with

Cleaned up some code for my abbreviation database tool and added a function to present random abbreviations. Doesn't require an input and is great for a short learning session.

Input wanted: need some more entries for my database of probabilities.

Any idea is appreciated.

Day 22 of with

Today I worked on a project I've had in mind for years.

Since it is hard to compare the probabilities of certain events, I am going to create a tool to do so. How often do I have to hit head in a coin toss to have the same probability as winning the lottery? What is the probability of hitting a Royal Flush on the flop compared to it?

Time to clean up the code tho. It is a mess.

Day 17 of with

Added a search function for the abbreviation database. Case-insensitive. Not everyone uses grep haha

I've created a html/css only activity chart for the upcoming challenge for my homepage.

I plan to automate the updates. Might be the first task I will tackle haha


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