Interesting how big players like BBC contributed to make this $SQUID crypto scam possible. Interesting read.

@hejowhat I'm not sure that's fair to the BBC. "Wired" links to <>, which says:

"Buyer Beware
"Remarkably, many such coins rapidly catch investors' fancy, leading to wildly inflated valuations. Naïve retail investors who get caught up in such speculative frenzies face the risk of substantial losses."

"Wired" calls that "uncritical". I don't agree.

@markusl Fair enough. I should have been more precious.

The title of the BBC article and title like "There’s a ‘Squid Game’ cryptocurrency – and it’s up nearly 2,400% in the last 24 hours" from CNBC are clickbaity and trigger some kind of FOMO (feeling of missing out) which can do some harm (if you don't read past the headline).

But I agree with you, that the warning are pretty good.

@hejowhat About CNBC I know nothing, but the BBC has a strong commitment to impartiality. People sometimes joke that, if someone on the radio says the earth is round, the BBC will have to find another interviewee to say it's flat.

There are very few exceptions to this rule. Covid-19 misinformation is one of them. So is climate-change denial. Racist and neo-Nazi propaganda would be third. (And rightly so, on all counts.)

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