I don't like social media and here are some things that - in my opinion - would improve the experience.

- remove 'likes' feature
- remove 'share' counter
- remove public 'followers count'
- remove any notification but if 'mentioned'

Feel free to discuss and ask questions. I am happy to elaborate if interested.

@hejowhat I don't think it makes for very good engagement, but these are options I definitely look for in a social network.

@benjaminpaikjones I don't care about low effort engagements like 'likes' and 'shares'. It has 0 value for me.

IMO the removal of those features would encourage people to write more comments and discuss more.

At least in my mind.

BUT I agree, less 'dopamine' for the brain (by getting 'likes' and stuff) could cause less activity over all.

@ilyess @huy_ngo
The web interface has the same settings (which I use). Unfortunately this doesnt solve the problems I have with social media.

But, still better than nothing.

@huy_ngo @hejowhat I see what you’re saying. While those settings mask share/like counts, liking and sharing are still supported features. You want them gone lol


In my mind it would make social media more relaxing if nobody has to care about likes, followers, shares and stuff.
I think it would open invite people to post more controversional stuff and lead to more discussion. 'Likes' is a low engagement-feature with almost now benefits.

As mentioned before, just my opinion and i might be totally wrong.

@hejowhat I share the same opinion. And one thing is for sure: that will make for a healthier space for interaction.

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