It is a lot of work to have a good backup strategy. It is 100% worth it, but man, try to explain it to someone without being categorized as someone paranoid.

@hejowhat A good backup strategy is like car insurance. You can be the best driver out there. You still need one.

@ilyess Fully agree. It is still rare to find people who have a good one (at least in my exp)

@hejowhat Yeah, especially those who don’t use cloud service providers, most of which offer data recovery (I hope!).

What’s your strategy? No need for details, just high level.


Currently working on it, but in a nutshell:
- using borg and VeraCrypt Container
- Backups of data from main linux machine + smartphone are made daily (on usb stick on my keychain, one on my local server, one backup to my backup VPS and one to my storage provider)
- weekly backup on hard drive for off-site storage

That is the strategy for my often and important used data (keys, notes, passwords,...). 1/2

There is a different one for important, but less frequently used data like family pictures and so on.

Everything is encrypted and - if possible - with MFA secured. 2 Yubikeys (1 keychain, 1 off-site) and so on.

There are some things I have to be careful: what if I lose my key chain? I have to make sure that I can't access my backups on the usb stick with the yubikey on the same keychain and so on.

It is fun for me to think about it, but man, it takes a while to figure this out.


@hejowhat I do but it’s not as elaborate as yours. Respect to all the effort you put in 💪

Mine goes like this:
- Important documents like financials, personal stuff, is encrypted and synced to a local NAS and a few cloud providers upon every file change.
- secrets like passwords and keys are encrypted and synced to the NAS and few cloud providers
- personal media content like photos and videos is synced to my local NAS on a regular basis.

@ilyess Works perfectly fine too and I have to say, that my setup could be called 'total overkill' haha

May I ask how you transfer your data to your cloud provider + how you encrypt the data?
Thanks for sharing btw. Interested in how other people are solving those problems.

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