killed my plans to work on a static-site generator. Would be a great project - without a doubt. And here comes the 'but': no time, I should focus on writing.

Decided to use with my fork of simplecss.

@ilyess I have and it worked great, but it is 'too powerful' or simply overkill for the project I have in mind.

Pretty happy with so far.

@hejowhat True. It’s a quite comprehensive site generator. I tend to use it often in case whatever site I’m building turns out to grow bigger than what I had originally in mind for it. A sort of future proofing if you will.

@ilyess My biggest fear of using such static site generator is the long-term maintenance. I don't have the knowledge to fix bugs and stuff if the community stops working on it. I know a little bit of Python and can learn to understand in a reasonable time. I doubt that I can do it with Hugo, Jekyll and those big players.

But, those generators are pretty neat and have a lot of features that most 'modern' sites want. But I haven't needed those features yet (lucky me).

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