Unpopular opinion?

If all social media platforms disappeared, the world would be a better place.

@hejowhat I'll definitely use the third option in my polls :)

@hejowhat This seams to be a a rather unpopular opinion here. But I like social media.
I just don't like the state in which social media is right now.
Mastodon is a step in the right direction. Having "smaller" neighborhoods that all federate with each other is a great idea!

The biggest problem I see is that social media has basically become a business. It's all about the growth and no longer about socializing with other people.

Mastodon is a step back. Putting socializing as priority no. 1.

@Ghosty It is rather popular according to the current result of the poll.

Became a business for the users of the platform or the platform provider?

@hejowhat I disagreed. That's why unpopular in regards to the poll :)

I meant become a business for the platform provider (see youtube, facebook,...) :D

@Ghosty Oh, I thought it was an answer to my question, my bad.

I mean, for the provider it has been a business all along. Prio 1 was growth and making money. They just develop their strategy according to the market conditions.

I could agree that users see social media more as a business. More followers mean a bigger 'network'/ higher reach, more potential to advertise things or 'being popular'. Followers = value. They see the numbers, not the people behind it.

@hejowhat This is true as well. Many users see it as one as well :)
Either way it is a bad thing since it no longer serves the purpose for why social media exsists. :D

One of the reasons for why I love Mastodon. There is no greed involved and real people "live" here.

@hejowhat Not Gonna lie that was a really though decision. I chose the 3rd option 🤔 (couldn't decide 😅)

@hejowhat In most cases, it's not the tool, but how the tools are used that is the problem.

@tallblondeguy By the platform provider or the social media user?

@tallblondeguy It doesn't speak for the tool if both sides can abuse the tool in such a way, no?

@hejowhat Perhaps, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm responsible for if and how I use a platform.

@hejowhat there's a lot of baby pics in the bathwater you're throwing out there

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