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Unpopular opinion?

If all social media platforms disappeared, the world would be a better place.

Escaping vim is a quite a challenge. If you need a new one, try minicom....

I am a little bit overwhelmed with the options of coding languages for web apps. Need to do more research before start to learn one haha

Has anyone experience creating a Lemmy community? Creating a Lemmy community for a new project of mine sounds like a great idea.

It is 2 am and it took me only 2 hours to pair my bluetooth headphones with my laptop.

My inner masochist helps me a lot to solve such problems.

If you want to try, feel free to add me.


New post for

I plan to write more about and that I am going to use it as my daily driver again. Any questions regarding SailfishOS? Happy if I can help.

Last week I set up a seedbox to distribute Linux distros.

Unpopular opinion?

If all social media platforms disappeared, the world would be a better place.

Deleted more than 700 pictures and screenshots from my phone. Brought back some great and bad memories.

New post for

i write about my new plaintext todo list. Works fine so far. Feedback is welcome!

What are you currently listening to?

I am listening to Mick Gordon's Doom OST from 2016.
Esp. BFG Division is a masterpiece.

After a small break I am back with the challenge.

In this post I write about the project, the RSS feed and upcoming topics.

I've just added an RSS feed to my blog. I currently add items manually and have to work on my work flow here. Appreciate your feedback.

Ping @joeligj12

and I am going to continue the challenge. I will post about it later.

Setting up syncthing without GUI has needed more research than I thought.

Going to take some notes before I forget everything again

In order to use my Windows 10 machine headless I had to plug in a HDMI/VGA adapter, so the OS thinks a monitor is attached. Works, but I wish W10 would support this 'function' natively.

I've been thinking about to host an IT forum for a long time now.

I really need to think this through.

I've deleted more than 1,5 TB of data in the past 3 weeks. Everything as preparation for my new backup strategy.

After I've found out how much storage I need I will test some cloud storage provider where I can store one of my (encrypted) offsite backups.

Additional feature: ambient lighting n, ocean blue / can be used as a flashlight

2 layers of duct tape can't stop this light from blinding me from across the room.

Question regarding Mastodon: if I mute or block someone here, can this person still see my posts?

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