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Unpopular opinion?

If all social media platforms disappeared, the world would be a better place.

Investing/ Gambling: Every time I hear someone say "It won't happen to me", I send him this reddit link.

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Going live. 

Working on a new project of mine and going through some notes. Chill music.

Well, fairly easy to install Ubuntu on my new laptop. Will work for now.

Backups are working too, which is great. What I still need to backup: browser book marks and e-mails.

Got a new laptop. Looking for drivers is a nightmare. I might will stream my struggle. Will drink, will order food. Good music

Me will keep you updated.

Steam deck looks neat, not gonna lie. I just don't trust Valve in regard of hardware. Going to wait for the first reviews before I buy one.

Second Poll: Could a single post cause you to mute/ block someone indefinitely?
(Stupid take, bad joke, nothing too bad)

Poll: How often do you use the mute/ block function on social media platforms?

I want to use my backup server as my Salt Master. Any objections or feedback?

Man, keeping my personal stuff secure is almost a full time job. At least it currently feels like it while I document everything.

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Tails 4.20 is out. 👋

It includes a complete redesign of how a user connects to and makes it now a lot easier to use bridges. With these bridges you can circumvent censorship of @torproject

What else?

updated to 2.2
This major update adds a feature to host a website accessible from a Tor onion service.

Update KeePassXC to 2.6.2
Update Tor Browser to 10.5.2.
Update Thunderbird to 78.11.0.
Update Tor to

Read the full report here:

Want to check your public IP?
curl -L

So, SaltStack will be the next rabbit hole for me. Looks fun to me.

Just a small blog post. See it as a teaser for my upcoming 'life-changing" project I am working on. I am excited about it.

Going live again + update 

Added a weather cam. Some new emotes. Will work on a blog post.

Probably a long stream today.

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⚠️ Tails is safe but not magic ⚠️

Tails is safer than any regular operating system, but it cannot protect you from everything.

Check out our new warnings page to stay even safer, especially if you are at high risk:

Really good read. They were using XMPP and I am not sure if the criminals just had been amateurs or how low enforcement could hide the fact, that the device sends EVERY msg to them and this for 3 years!

‘An0m’ Encrypted-Chat Sting Leads to Arrest of 800

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