I am about to bring order into my notes and so far I have an unsorted file with at least 2k lines of various notes.
From random abbreviations to interesting YT videos.

Let's do the work.

i3wm is one of the best things I have discovered this year. I am in love.

Can anyone suggest a IRC hosting service? I want to play around with it before I host it myself.

How do you name your server?

I currently have the following syntax:

type of server - environment - project - consecutive number

e.x. web-prod-hejo-01

My 'reading later' list is getting bigger and bigger and I think I have to read some articles at some point.

Still disappointed that porthub.com isn't available. Just sitting there, unused. So much potential.

Has been a tough day. A client had clicked on a phishing mail, downloaded the file, and opened the zip file.
I don't think, I have to tell you more.

Lack of training/ education is expensive.

I friend of mine didn't believe me that I prefer a single monitor setup for most of my work.

I know, I know, there are scenarios in which a multi-monitor setup is way better& more comfortable, but if I had to choose, I would choose a single monitor over a multi-monitor setup.

I have problems to commit to project names. I've decided to pick madmin.org for my new sysadmin blog. I already have 5 reasons in my head why I am going to dislike it in the future.

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Looking for a name for a new sysadmin blog and I am kinda lost. Appreciate any idea.

sudomaso.com was my favorite, but it might be a little bit inappropriate .

Does anyone know how to call such graph and/or how to generate one? I have some ideas, but I want to compare the methods before I start.

I currently work on a wiki/ docs section for my blog and I struggle with the structure and layout.

Has anyone some tips? Some reference wikis I can learn from?

Appreciate any help.

genuine question: are e-mail newsletter still a thing?

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New logo. Slightly changed blog design. New content.


If anyone has 5 minutes to spare I would appreciate some feedback on the layout of my 'open notes' section of my new homepage.

I've created 2 entries so far and plan to publish all my notes over time.


Does anyone know a service/ API with which I can check the most recent software version? For example Firefox, Adobe products and so on.

I've got a huge list with my installed software on my laptop for work and it seems that most software is outdated.

I need to get my notes in sorted. Does anyone have experience with or other note taking systems/ methods?

Open for any suggestion.


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