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@flatdogx du schreibst "". Was ist das? Ich finde dazu keinen Account. 😵


@mikka Danke! 💡 Ich bin auch einer der "Neuen". Und das hatte ich noch nicht so richtig verstanden. 🙏

Ich dachte, ich könnte über Tags zu den Themen, welche mich interessieren, direkt alle passenden Posts finden. Wenn ich es jetzt richtig verstanden habe, funktioniert das aber so nicht? 😞

Sondern es geht eher darum über Inhalte welche man abonniert hat zu diskutieren? Die Herausforderung ist also "Content-Publisher" zu finden und zu abonnieren? @Erdrandbewohner @SimonWpt

If you release your robot's software, does it mean it is free to go? 🤖 🚀

I am finishing the development of basic functionality for my current project. I want to be finished with that milestone for the which will start on 2022-05-19 😅. By then I want to have published the project. 🌐🤞 For this I want to provide some basic documentation. 📜📷

Stay tuned!

@rudolf What is generic about it? Or that is the difference to the version I get pre-installed on :ubuntu:?

@rudolf Thank you 🤗 I am quite excited discovering :ablobcatrainbow: this part of the internet I have neglected before. 😅

Hello World!

This is my , as I am new to Mastodon. And also this is my first toot. 🎉

My interests are especially with systems software development (), and . Also I like to do and .

I would like to tinker as part of some project. I am looking forward to get in touch with birds of a feather around the 🌐 or in the region I live in (, Germany).



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