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#ccc media.ccc.de/v/gpn20-57-testin Testing Window (gpn20): In software engineering, continuous integration is common practice nowadays. Common CI setups have a few drawbacks. This talk highlights them and introduces a different approach with additional benefits.

Many projects will operate on the premise that there is merit in an "evergreen" main (git) branch, i.e. that for each of the commits on that branch passed some CI jobs.

Common CI setups will schedule runs for a num...

I did enjoy this talk by neithernut at the ! I like the idea of how something like fast-forward-only merge requests are combined with a flexible building up of the main branch.

I wonder how good this approach performs in practice. Any thoughts on this?

Essen, veganer Döner. 

@nerdosoph @BalouX habe ich letztens auch in entdeckt 😋 dort basiert der Fleischersatz auf Seitan. dilgelay.de/

@brozek thanks for sharing! I also have been searching for a way to showcase GPS data. For example from hikes. 👍

Last steps of this robot on this year's Gulaschprogrammiernacht (). It was nice to meet so many interesting and friendly people! Thank you for the "merchandise" @fsfe. It has been distributed. ✔️

More media of the robot here: github.com/dhebbeker/robot-con

Danke @gom ich habe mich schon gefragt warum... Ja, Doku wäre hinreichend. 👍


Anyone interested in PGP key signing here at ?

I finally published v1.0.0 of my tinkering robot 🤖 project. The robot is based on an old robot base with chain drives. I control it with an using . It uses laser-ranging sensors to detect obstacles. The user can steer the robot using a web client. The software is far not prefect but that milestone is done 😅🚀

I brought this project to the . Maybe I can continue the development there.


Traveling 🚋 to today. Looking forward to meet new people! I am going to share my love for using the material @fsfe sent me. ❤️ Stickers! 😉 👋 @c3stoc

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