Last steps of this robot on this year's Gulaschprogrammiernacht (). It was nice to meet so many interesting and friendly people! Thank you for the "merchandise" @fsfe. It has been distributed. ✔️

More media of the robot here:

I finally published v1.0.0 of my tinkering robot 🤖 project. The robot is based on an old robot base with chain drives. I control it with an using . It uses laser-ranging sensors to detect obstacles. The user can steer the robot using a web client. The software is far not prefect but that milestone is done 😅🚀

I brought this project to the . Maybe I can continue the development there.

Traveling 🚋 to today. Looking forward to meet new people! I am going to share my love for using the material @fsfe sent me. ❤️ Stickers! 😉 👋 @c3stoc

If you release your robot's software, does it mean it is free to go? 🤖 🚀

I am finishing the development of basic functionality for my current project. I want to be finished with that milestone for the which will start on 2022-05-19 😅. By then I want to have published the project. 🌐🤞 For this I want to provide some basic documentation. 📜📷

Stay tuned!


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