My name is Hugh. I am a late stage software developer. Dubious about social media, but willing to give it a try. So here goes.

Work revolves around and . Avocational interests lean toward ; just started exploring .

Typing is easier than clicking. My desktop manager is running on .

Still learning, though sipping at the fire hose of technological changes is increasingly challenging.

@hdasch You lost when when you said #emacs. Kidding. Welcome to the Fediverse!

@hdasch Welcome! The community here is great!

You might find folks you might find interested in following using this online utility called Trunk

And hey, there are many #Emacs users here :)

@hdasch Welcome sir..I am an i3 on Arch fellow myself. Looking forward to interacting... cheers!

@hdasch oh you will find that there are a lot of Arch people here and a lot of i3 people here!

I'm an elementary OS sort of guy, but @AvnSgt is trying to tempt me to ArchLabs....

Welcome home!

@poetgrant @hdasch @AvnSgt

Yeah, I'm one of the fans. And I'm more-or-less an fan—I personally use/prefer , but they're very similar in spirit.

@timapple @hdasch @AvnSgt bahaha.... I know. Eventually it is inevitable. My name really should be @DistroJunkie

@poetgrant @timapple @hdasch @AvnSgt And I've been so busy with my occupation lately, I haven't been much of one.

@DistroJunkie @poetgrant @timapple @hdasch I guess I was a sleeper in this thread. lol. Must have been to preoccupied with building documentation yesterday.

@poetgrant @hdasch @AvnSgt @timapple PoetGrant has the right of it. Lots of support from great people. Welcome!

@poetgrant @AvnSgt I haven't tried elemenary. Certainly looks polished. I hadn't even heard of ArchLabs or BunsenLabs. Looks worth a look. As soon as I can find the time... Always the challenge.

Thanks for the welcome.

@hdasch Love that metaphor for tech churn. Welcome to the fediverse!

@hdasch welcome to mastodon, there are a lot of amazing people here from all spheres of programming/comp-sci. Your in good company 😊

@hdasch welcome! Lots of interesting people here! I’m also on , and !

@hdasch "Typing is easier than clicking"

This is great! I have to steal this.

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