my 34" curved gaming monitor came in and I am digging it

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Installed SpaceVim and spent hours customizing it.

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Ok new've been lurking long enough. Go ahead and drop that toot and tell us a bit about yourself. 😀

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Boost this toot to make Tux :tux: happy ;)
Software: LibreOffice Draw :libreoffice:

I noticed the pricing of these are very similar to like Google Drive and iCloud, why bother using those services when you can just use these alternatives?

Is the a web/host provider/server that allows cloud storage? I want to create a nextcloud and be able to store a lot of data.

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You really do not need a Google account to use an Android phone or tablet.
I have been doing that as long as I use Android, for about 10 years now.
You can get apps per Browser from,,, and from Playstore via
You can use one or more of these apps to get apps comfortably:
Fdroid app
Aurora Store
You cannot use paid apps from Playstore, but you get quite a few from their publisher, like Threema.

i am on qTox

qTox ID: E7E115F74B60AEA7CCC9B9D8C3C19F25924F2A047AA81162CCD3D71ECCDFB33089EEE948E921

It's refreshing to reinstall my PC. I was able to actually fix some of the things I couldn't earlier. But I don't want to do it again. I said that 8 months ago so who knows. Crossing fingers

What do you guys think of this?
For some reason I can't get it to work on my cellphone, but it works on my desktop browsers

If I read this correctly, WhatsApp isn't changing the way it's sharing data to basically we are still sharing data but we just want to let you know and agree to it...

Just got deleted my WhatsApp account and will be twitter

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