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Early demo of my ambient shading plugin to QGIS.

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We are starting our 2019 season. A big thank you to our sponsors dasbuero.com @effhaa@twitter.com and @IXDSberlin@twitter.com for helping us bring you lots of maps and pizzas.

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We have our first maps of after : bit.ly/2Cps5e1
These maps provide a damage assessment of the Chimanimani area, using imagery to highlight areas of flooding and landslides.

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My book is in print now and the first copies arrived just in time for my @FOSSGIS_Konf@twitter.com speech. Perfect Easter gift! @locatepress@twitter.com

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Are you a student interested in bringing digital innovation to our government? There are two weeks left to apply for a @Tech4Germany@twitter.com fellowship. Want to know more? I wrote an article about my experience as their mentor... lab.technologiestiftung-berlin Application link in the article.

Gerade gelernt: Austrophobie = Die Angst vor allem was Österreichisch ist.


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How to find Kentuck on the map

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Russian man visited Chinese click farm.They make fake ratings for mobile apps and things like this.He said they have 10,000 more phones

Immer wieder erstaunlich, dass das Einrichten eines Microschrott Windows Rechners inklusive Software manchmal Stunden dauert und Vergleich dazu ein Linux PC mit einer Apt Installer Liste in einer halben Stunde läuft.

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Version 2.18 has reached its end of life! We strongly encourage all users who are currently using 2.18 LTR as their preferred QGIS release to migrate to the new 3.4 LTR.

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Women have been shown to be more sensitive to others' suffering, whereas, warriors celebrated for killing their opponents are almost always men. We need to see more women in leadership roles and more closely involved in education about compassion.

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The State of 3D in QGIS by Martin Dobias of @lutraconsulting@twitter.com Talking about supported data types, new features like terrain shading, 3D support in the Print Layout...

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material for the data management with workshop by @Lene_Fischer@twitter.com and @estibordo@twitter.com

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"Firestarter" und "Breathe" waren seine größten Hits. Jetzt ist -Sänger Keith im Alter von 49 Jahren gestorben.

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Workshop on remote sensing with Bodo Bookhagen @IRTG_StRATEGy@twitter.com

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Differential GPS surveys of warped basin alluvium! We are learning how to make cm-resolution DEMs of dateable surfaces to quantify rates of quaternary uplift in the Cafayate valley.

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Today highlights the importance of open&reusable data for science&equal development. Through @UN_SPID@UN_SPIDER@twitter.comace4WaterPortal, makes space-derived data accessible to all to support disaster & water management

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Finding knickpoints made easy. Code and visualizations using and @MATLAB@twitter.com topotoolbox.wordpress.com/2019

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