How I can see from my account all local toots from a other instance ?

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Anbox on the Librem 5

"Anbox now runs on the Librem 5, getting you access to many additional free software apps that are packaged only for Android."

#librem5 #privacy #freedom #security

I watched the last season from Mr. Robot. I never saw a TV Show with so a nice end. This was mind blow pure 🤩🤓🤯😱

@signalapp Hello Guys, i just want ask when comes Video call for desktop ?

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CryptPad: An Encrypted Open Source Google Docs Alternative for Privacy Cautious Users

#linux #privacy #encryption

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We now have an "About" page where you can learn more about us, steps we've taken to make Plausible privacy-friendly and our values and plans for the project.

It's possible to create with GTK and Rust something like SwiftUI / Flutter ? 🤔


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