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Here's a .epub version of the #Rust Book:

If you want a .mobi version, you can use Calibre to convert it.

With the help of squashfskit, libfaketime and some manual quirks, FedoraBook images build now reproducible with the same set of binary rpms as the source 😀


We've just released #ForkAwesome 1.1.5 with icons for @inkscape, @matrix, @pixelfed, #Syncthing and 10 others.

Wishing a happy launch day to #Pixelfed on 17th.

@kev Hi, I reinstalled my friendica instance on Somehow I don't get any new posts anymore from @harald
Is there some private key crypto involved or why does fosstodon not pickup any new posts?

Schade, dass es noch diese Landbevölkerung 🥚 mit AfD und CSU Wählern gibt.

Any good links on how to setup with the docker container?

Seems like mail is not working and the main page always display "page not found"

Re-announcing the first working version of my "FedoraBook" with SELinux and UEFI secure boot. Readonly /etc, split passwd/shadow/group/gshadow , TPM2 support with LUKS2 and clevis. Updates are done via A/B partitions.

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I have to thank #Google for closing down #GooglePlus. Forces me to update myself on what's going on in the #fediverse :)


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