How do I reach out to designers and experience builders to convince them that working on free (libre) software helps everyone?

Like the current trend is to just give everything away which is cool but it's done for notary and self-inflation; not for communal growth.


they can do a good job for a foss project and use it in their portfolio to show to clients or to include in their appliance for jobs. it is good for every one.

@hansbauer @jalcine (designers will hate you for this with one weird trick!) 😜

Nah it's a problem we've had for decades. Just keep trying and doing outreach tbh. Or research good design yourself. (I like Design for Hackers by Kadavy)

@wilbr That book stays on my desk! That as well as (which works for the desktop as well with some system-wide tweaks) @hansbauer

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