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Die #Hitze hat uns wieder fest im Griff. Damit wir dabei einen kühlen
Kopf bewahren, haben wir Ideen zur Hitzebewältigung zusammengestellt.

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I am deleting my Facebook account on September 1.

I designed a special page on my website and a drip marketing campaign style series of posts for my friends on Facebook. I know this isn’t Facebook, but I will crosspost the content here.

jeremiahlee.com/posts/delete-f #DeleteFacebook

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Manchmal liegt die Lösung direkt vor der Nase aber man kann/will es nicht sehen. Mit #IONOS und #Nextcloud hätten wir lokale Unternehmen welche unsere Schulen fit für die Zukunft machen könnten. Stattdessen verkaufen wir unsere Schüler, Lehrer & Eltern an #Microsoft.

Fun fact: Während wir Europäer den Amerikanern blind hinterherlaufen weil es angeblich keine Alternativen gibt verbieten diese TikTok aus Datenschutzgründen. 🤦‍♂️


#Schule #Bildung #BaWü

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I really like what Schleswig-Holstein in Germany is pulling together here. As it doesn't make sense that every federal state has to start from scratch, they aim to "build up a network of partner organisations focused on open source, including national and international public services, experts, software companies and data centres, and to cooperate increasingly with #OpenSource communities." Further Schleswig-Holstein increasingly share its own software as #FreeSoftware. joinup.ec.europa.eu/collection

I just listened to an interesting episode by discussing the history and development of the rules at and their impact: wnycstudios.org/podcasts/radio

The episode illustrates the issues with a global company trying to operate on a single rule set that is enforced everywhere with little cultural sensitivity and only adjusted after sufficiently large outcries.

I found a nifty tool for revising the history of a repository prior to initial publication: git-filter-repo

It has been a huge help for me already while I am going through my backlog of private projects that are already and -- finally -- shall go public :)

So I wrote a post about git-filter-repo with some examples: hoowl.se/revising_history_clea

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It's easy to forget, amidst all the threats to our software freedom, that ours is an inherently positive story, celebrating creativity and skill. Check out this beautiful comic by Sacha Chua @sachac, read more, and share with #userfreedom: u.fsf.org/34b

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Customer is always right and all that but every time someone asks about Plausible supporting AMP I need to restrain myself from sharing this post. Sometimes I fail 😂

It's on Github now so let's see what the community says.


Just watched "(Still) Stalking the Wily Hacker", a keynote by Cliff Stoll from 2017: highly recommended if you are interested about the early days of cyber threats and hacking in the mid 80s. He has a very charming and fun style to bring across his first-hand account of international espionage and how he tracked down the perpetrators with little resources and mostly dot-matrix printouts tracing the ongoing attacks. Lots to learn from even today!


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I have now published my new blog :D
It is based around , built using and hosted at .net which made the journey setting it up fun and educational.

Details are described in the first post: hoowl.se/bloggingwithemacs.htm

First time I actually follow through on my plans of creating a blog, so I am very exciting and so far enjoy the process of writing. I think I will go for as soon as I have a few more ideas on my backlog :)

Important steps in the right direction: the city of , Germany, commits to free and open source software! This is in the spirit of the 's initiative. This makes me especially happy to see as I lived 10 yrs in that city :)

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Join in for a fun hacking challenge/CTF organized by Tech Learning Collective over the weekend: hacker-trivia-night.techlearni

The German army () has made the decision to move from a proprietary instant messenger to ! This should make it easier for other government agencies to follow their lead. Hooray for :)

Announcement (in German): bwi.de/news-blog/news/artikel/

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COVID-19, viruses, xkcd link (+) 

If you need some hope, the latest xkcd comic looks at the current situation from a different perspective: xkcd.com/2287/

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Das erste Digitale, Verteilte Online-Chaos findet am 11. und 12. April in deinem Wohnzimmer statt (und auf media.ccc.de).


I really appreciate every gesture of positivity and kindness right now. And that is especially true for those that aim at making a difference, such as providing protective gear for health care workers in risk of getting infected.

Obviously, not every DIY project is up for the task.

But in Wisconsin, a Maker Space builds face shields and shares the design openly: delve.com/insights/face-shield

Do you know of any more such projects or have you been involved in helping out this way?

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Whether you’re working from home or calling your loved ones, the current crisis probably means you are using digital tools more often and in new ways. Here are some privacy and security considerations to keep in mind. eff.org/deeplinks/2020/03/what

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From open access science to cell phone tracking, the fight to stop the spread of coronavirus intersects technologies and impacts rights you care about. Join us Thursday for a livestreamed video discussion about COVID-19 and Digital Rights: eff.org/event/at-home-with-eff

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