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We are looking for Digital Security Specialists to work on educational materials to train journalists, human rights defenders, and civil society on leading investigations - in particular to combat #misinformation - in developing countries: tacticaltech.org/news/digital- #OSINT #digisec

I've just joined in calling to protect our public spaces from biometric mass surveillance. It consists of a broad coalition of organizations supporting privacy in the EU. I am supporter 10751 -- let's push that number to 20k and beyond! :)

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has released an interesting website that can help you evaluate the risks for gatherings. You pick the number of people and the county (USA and a couple of EU countries supported atm) and you will the the risk that one of the persons attending has the disease.

Might help someone to make a decision for , or whatever other you have coming up.


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Alle wollen in die Schule: #Microsoft mit Software, #Apple mit Hardware, #Google mit Unterrichtsmaterial. Warum? – Weil es dort Daten und Konsumenten zu melken gibt!

@digitalcourage@twitter.com zeigt sinnvolle Alternativen und Unterrichtsthemen auf: digitalcourage.de/bildungspake #DigitaleBildung

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Wie können #DigitaleMündigkeit und #Medienkompetenz gestaltet werden? Mit welchen Themen? Welchem #Unterrichtsmaterial und welchen Mitteln?

#DigitaleBildung muss JETZT angegangen werden. Das #Bildungspaket von @digitalcourage@twitter.com hilft dabei:

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The Glass Room: #Misinformation Edition has now been translated into: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Slovenian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian, with more languages coming soon! Visit the virtual exhibition in your preferred language:
theglassroom.org/translations/ #TheGlassRoom

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The development version of OnionShare 2.3 is now packaged in the Snap Store, so you can install it straight from the Ubuntu Software Center! snapcraft.io/onionshare

I found a neat way to use in so that it presents a selection of templates from GitHub's gitignore collection whenever I visit a new buffer -- no more excuses for not adding a gitignore file to every new repository! :D

Quite easy to extend to e.g. LICENSE files to be populated with CC/FOSS licenses, ...


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Today, we released Cover Your Tracks (formerly Panopticlick), which aims to make browser fingerprinting and tracking more understandable to the average user. Check it out today! coveryourtracks.eff.org t.co/3KfidZiq7S

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Freedom is the gift that keeps on giving. Read the annual Giving Guide for our latest recommendations on tech gifts for your friends and family that promote #UserFreedom, not the interests of a "big tech" monopoly: u.fsf.org/377

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Here’s one big take away for me about moving from Github to sr.ht.

Github treats source control like a social network. Getting stars on your projects, following users, news feeds, showing off your usage stats for... some reason.

It’s not until you get away from that you realise how fucking awful and pointless it is.

A load of other stuff too, but that.

Just found out about the project: a FOSS software and hardware bundle to decentralize the web and cloud hosting. Looks like a very nice solution and a good initiative and under active development. The HW ( certified!) by seems really promising -- anyone tried this or their line in general for a home server?


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We finally again have another event coming up! Next week, on "black friday", Nov. 27th 17.30, we are joined by Jessika from RepairCafe/Lund University and are going to talk about our every-day electronics: their life-cycle, environmental impact and (lack of) repairability. We want to figure out: what can we as consumers do to improve the sustainability of electronic devices?

Join us online!


@info_activism / has just released a data kit directed at young teenagers. The pamphlet guides towards in the use of technology and is available in several languages including English, Spanish and German!


, the developer behind the horror game series has just released the source code to the first game on the occasion of its 10 year anniversary -- and they have chosen the ! Glad to see that they went with a proper license and looking forward to seeing what new life folks will breath into the engine :)


Today's finally the day: I deleted my personal Google account that I have had for more than 15 years. Was a rather pleasant user experience -- especially when compared to Amazon who make this step unnecessarily difficult.

I wrote about the why and how-to in my blog: hoowl.se/the_day_I_started_wor

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Die #Hitze hat uns wieder fest im Griff. Damit wir dabei einen kühlen
Kopf bewahren, haben wir Ideen zur Hitzebewältigung zusammengestellt.

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I am deleting my Facebook account on September 1.

I designed a special page on my website and a drip marketing campaign style series of posts for my friends on Facebook. I know this isn’t Facebook, but I will crosspost the content here.

jeremiahlee.com/posts/delete-f #DeleteFacebook

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