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On the day de Pfeffel declares a new nuclear plant will be built at Trawsfynydd, here's an old map of the Chernobyl exclusion zone superimposed on northern Wales.

@axwax thank you for these, some of them I know from other worlds including @helenleigh who I invited to keynote a conference once !

@Aman9das @mjdxp thanks, and hello! i am still finding my way around here.

I should be using more it would seem so here are some useful ones for me: i'm a in and an adovocate for yes that is in . I work in , and I I mostly in these days and like (currently running on desktops/laptops and stock on a ). I also like

I'm relatively new here and am looking for more women in tech to follow. Any suggestions? I realise this is a strange thing to post given how few people follow me, but you have to start somewhere, right?

Just got an email with a free offer to celebrate 18 years on livejournal. Which got me thinking:

Personal blog

I had a snapchat, foursquare, tumblr, blogger, etc. too. I was on metafilter. I've spent a lot of time on the quit smoking forums on netdoctor, and on the weightwatchers boards, and on various closed systems (slacks and discords and ircs). There was a bit of icq.

...and now Mastodon

What I'll probably be tooting about, if you are wondering about whether to follow me: gender bias in tech, information security, students and teaching stuff, uk academia. I run a student conference for women BSc/MSc, I speak on diversity in tech, and I do coding workshops for kids. I like open source a lot and haven't run a windows machine through choice since the last century 🙂
Here's my tedx talk on the women in tech stuff: ted.com/talks/hannah_dee_girls

Slightly late to the party as ever. Hello mastodon!


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