So how do you guys pronounce sudo?

@hakerdefo I pronounce it like judo cause I'm kicking my commands into doing what I want... Or something like that

@hakerdefo It stands for either "superuser do" or "substitute user do" depending on who you ask. Either way, "do" is the verb, so that variant makes more sense.

@hakerdefo You should probably phoneticize 1 as "sue due" to be clear.

I'm firmly #2, "soodoh make me a sammich"

@mdhughes @hakerdefo I was about the make the same comment. I agree 100% with this. Should be su-doo but I pronounce it as su-dough

@EpicKitty @mdhughes Me too. That's why I got curious and starteed this poll.

@hakerdefo @mdhughes It’s an interesting poll! I’m interested to see how many people actually pronounce it su-doo!

@EpicKitty @mdhughes I guess "sue do" is gonna end-up as a runner-up here even-if it's technically correct.

@hakerdefo @mdhughes When has technically correct ever been what everyone uses? :blobcatlaugh: Take the whole gif vs jif debate!

@EpicKitty @mdhughes
You are absolutely right.
Happens everywhere, happens all the time.
That's life. It ain't perfect. Or rather that's us humans, we ain't perfect.

@hakerdefo @mdhughes I can see my name being on that naughty list quite a few times!

@EpicKitty @mdhughes
It's an old brand but yes you gotta keep up with the times I guess.

@hakerdefo I don't pronounce it... I scream it every time I forget to use it as non root

@hakerdefo I say "suh doo" because it's short for "substitute user do" and I say "substitute" starting with a /sə/


ZPOJ: command

COMPUTER: I'm afraid I can't do that, ZPOJ.

ZPOJ: Computer, you will bend to my will. sudo command

COMPUTER: I hear and obey.


@zpojqwfejwfhiunz @hakerdefo But surely the "u" in "sudo" is from "user", so it should be pronounced "syoodoo"?
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