That particular moment after desperately trying to add topics for your Codeberg project via hashtags or markdown foo in the description text and then realizing that there is a link below the project title on the main repo page that opens the 'Manage Topics' editor 😅


So back in 2020 Codeberg asked for help from the community to help them with #accessibility issues. They need some help in house as the current solution helps them manage the spam that would overwhelm signups, but their moderation team is small. CAPTCHAs aren't very accessible and they would like some help to fix this. #a11y Can anyone help? The linked toot is their request for help.

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@codeberg @WoodpeckerCI Oops, the last word was cut off, it should read: can't have enough pipeline iterations to enjoy the Woodpecker animation 😊

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Now the radioMii builds are also automatically deployed via the
@codeberg CI on Codeberg Pages. It took a little while, but I think you can't have enough pipeline iterations to enjoy the @WoodpeckerCI 😊

If you are interested in the script:

📣 Awesome #Job Alert!!! 📣 (boosts appreciated)

We're hiring.

We're looking for a Senior Software Engineer for #Terraso. Full remote work on an #opensource project with a mission to help landscape communities organize for the #environment and #SustainableDevelopment.

In the coming months we're building #mapping, #DataCollection and learning tools.

Honestly its such a cool project. Every day I go to work with wonderful people and try to save the world. Come work with me.

Check it out!

Also learn more:

By the way, I totally love the @WoodpeckerCI animation while a pipeline is running :)

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After gaining access to the @codeberg Woodpecker CI test, I just tried a node image build which worked perfectly well \o/

First phone call between two Monal instances. Next steps: combability with Conversations, Dino, … and a UI. Then: video calls :)

radioMii now lives @codeberg

Moving the repo from Gitlab worked nicely with Codeberg’s migration tool.

Although there is no CI/CD, the manual deployment of builds to Codeberg Pages is also a simple thing.


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