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Hello World!

My name is João and I'm a Computer Science student from Portugal. I am passionate about FOSS and especially interested in :rust: and :nixos:, along with trustable and verifiable systems in general (developing my master's thesis in this area).

I'm also a hardstyle music fanatic and enjoy railfanning in my spare time (sadly not a possibility at the moment due to COVID).

Pleasure to be a part of this network! I hope to share some ideas with you all soon!

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andrew lee just seized over 700 channels on freenode because they mentioned in their topic.

This includes projects like openbsd, wikimedia, FOSDEM, etc. shows 720 channels that match what is being checked.

here's an example log:

boost this if you care about foss in any way.

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"To whom it may concern, I don't want to ever come back to the office"

submitted by 1ByteIdiot

I'm stuck in an eternal spiral of oscillating between the first and the second... 😅

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@Superfreq tbh I would like to quote Gabe Newell on this: "Piracy is a service problem."

The idea behind this, is that if it's easier to just pirate something than it is to buy and consume a legit copy, you're doing something wrong as a publisher. In that lies the "convenience" aspect. The simpler, faster and more convenient you make buying an authentic copy, the more likely it is people are going to actually buy a legit copy. If your DRM makes consuming the media inconvenient in some way, people generally won't bother with it. Consuming media shouldn't be annoying.

So alternatively you can make your DRM support the service you're giving as a publisher. Valve understood this, and as a result, Steam became a massive distribution point for PC games. Not because it strips DRM, but because it incorporates it in such a way that the user is barely aware of it at all. Besides that, Steam provides a useful set of extra features.

Personally I still think DRM and copyright in general is more evil than good, but let's not open that can of worms today.

>And the argument that books won't be bought by people who can't afford them anyway discounts the existence of casual opportunists ... those who could afford the book but would rather pirate it instead.

In that case, the rule still applies; such people were never gonna buy the copy in the first place. There was never going to be a sale. But for these people also exists a solution; either make the drm very inconspicuous or just remove it. Removing drm isn't magically gonna mean you're gonna lose a lot of profit; people still need to buy a copy somewhere, and you'd be surprised how many would just rather grab a copy from the store instead of bothering with making copies. Once again, service and convenience makes the difference.
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Hi everyone! I want to try to be more active and engaged with this community.

I'm a little overwhelmed trying to figure out how to engage and get in dialog with the community.

But here are my main active projects:
- Building a greenhouse so I can start a tree nursery
- Building more Johnson-Su Bioreactors (I have three so far)
- Writing a web app for managing my little mushroom farm.
- Digging a gopher fence around my food forest.

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For the love of all that is sacred, #audio people, please donate your sounds to #PlasmaMobile! The current #KDE sounds iirc are from the early days of KDE 4.0, many, many years ago and are horrifically outdated (no offense intended!)

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"By the way, IAVE is the organisation that makes national exams in Portugal"

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You have something to hide. Whether it be simply secrets you don't want certain groups to know, or personal information you don't want potential stalkers to find.

Some people want to hurt you, given the opportunity. Information is power. When someone has deep knolwdge about you, they can possess power over you.

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Remember the contact tracing framework that #google and #apple launched last year to help trace and contain the virus spread? It was meant to be completely anonymous and private, right? Well, it turns out Google’s implementation wasn’t that private after all.


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#Interview with Niko Matsakis, Co-lead of the Rust language team

(or YT:

Very good #podcast in which Niko Matsakis gives a historical overview of #Rust, the different parts of the compiler (like Salsa (lib for incremental recomputation) or Polonius (aka "the borrowchecker")) and where Rust is heading towards in the Future (pun intended😜).

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"The vaccine microchip must be ARM-based..."

submitted by Qedem

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This is really neat: an online collection of programs that can pass the type checker but fail at runtime, in a bunch of languages (Java, Scala, OCaml, Haskell, Rust):

It also discusses the design tradeoffs that led to these behaviours.

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Concept: what if making, installing, and managing an OS was as easy as using a program like Godot, Unity, or Unreal? What if there was an "OS Engine" that any user on any machine could use to build their ideal computer, and then just load it on up like back in thr day when you just had your whole OS on a floppy drive? How much more free would we be as technology users? :retootPlz:

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Fediverse, how do you point people to your PGP keys securely?

My Mastodon instance does not enable local (and federated) feed, so boosts are extremely appreciated!

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