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Hello World!

My name is João and I'm a Computer Science student from Portugal. I am passionate about FOSS and especially interested in :rust: and :nixos:, along with trustable and verifiable systems in general (developing my master's thesis in this area).

I'm also a hardstyle music fanatic and enjoy railfanning in my spare time (sadly not a possibility at the moment due to COVID).

Pleasure to be a part of this network! I hope to share some ideas with you all soon!

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going to the mastodontist to get my toots straightened out

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In my opinion, the so called “clean architecture” is too complex, with its jargon that resonates only with professional architects and too many layers of abstraction. It’s not for people actually writing code.

Today I present another approach, equally flexible but much simpler That I have used with success for projects exceeding tens of thousands of lines of code in Rust, Go, and Node.JS.

#rust #rustlang #webdev #programming #100DaysOfCode #hacking #code #web #webdev

Today I have two blog posts I was sent regarding Nix's paradigm, fellow followers:

One which mostly aligns with my personal motivations for using it:

And one which points out some of the existing shortcomings with it and some possible future solutions to them:

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Web: scientist trying to link two documents together

Web 2.0: greedy fuckers trying to make a billion dollars

web3: greedy fuckers trying to make a billion dollars while burning down your habitat

web0: a timeless and ongoing attempt to unfuck things and move forward in a way that enables individuals to seize the means of communication. If we succeed, no one makes a billion dollars but we protect these fragile things we call human rights and democracy.


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New in #rustlang 1.58:

let person = get_person();
// ...
println!("Hello, {person}!"); // captures the local `person`

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@madskjeldgaard hell yeah!

imo the proplem mainly resides in the gap between the nerds having enough basic knowledge to start helping and those who are simply overwhelmed by even the thought of bits, bytes or variables

i blame public education: while they *should* educate computing they mostly educate in using corporate bullshit bloatware (M$ office et al)
people get dumber by the second and are rendered helpless if they cannot click their ways to their goals

hopefully this changes eventually

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Before I forget: Merry Christmas! If you don't celebrate Christmas then, Happy Holidays. If you don't celebrate anything, I hope you have a great weekend. If happiness isn't your thing.....well, I hope your weekend is mildly satisfactory.


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When you want to encrypt data you may face a problem: how to encrypt a file or a data stream that doesn't fit in memory?

You could split it into small chunks and encrypt each fragment individually. Unfortunately, this is not as simple.

An attacker could modify or reorder the chunks making the decryption impossible.

Here is a guide on how to encrypt (large) files in Rust

#rust #rustlang #cryptography #100DaysOfCode #hacking

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The final edition of Black Hat Rust is out 🍾🦀🏴‍☠️

As of v2021.40, Black Hat Rust is considered out of beta and complete!

To celebrate that, I’ve decided to offer the biggest (and the last) discount of the year:

More info 👉

Now I’m going to sleep 😅

#hacking #rust #rustlang #cybersecurity #100DaysOfCode #code

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While I was never able to enjoy Twitter, the fediverse has a real authentic and personal feel to it. Just people being people, interacting with people. Keep up the good work folks.

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Looking for a FOSS job in the Rust/Node/Python space? This looks really cool. Help Open Source devs get paid!

RT is seeking a contractor to work on' Flathub. Experience with Flatpak and Rust (for flat-manager) needed, Node (frontend) and Python (API backend) desirable. Diverse applications welcomed from individuals or FOSS-friendly companies.


Now that federation with is enabled (, I can start following my favorite communities (such as @opensource) and get their posts in the Mastodon feed! is not only more libre, it is also more convenient!

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Programming Confession: I have a fear of interpreted/dynamic languages.

Or rather, a fear of my silliest mistakes haunting me at runtime
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What is the best Linux mobile desktop environment? Boost for larger sample size.

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