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Everyone with RSS links to their sites/blogs send then to me. I have broken down and installed a feed reader on my phone... I was trying to keep everything on my desktop PC, but it isn't sufficient when I'm at work and bored....

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Defending Google again (Youtube) Show more

When I get back from vacation, I have a bunch of articles to write for h4ck3r9.com

One I have been churning in my noggin is the future of the internet. is revolutionary. What if all of the federated services worked together? I could easily see a federated web being the future of the internet. Or perhaps the web splits into 2 parts, the commercial web of Google and Facebook, and the open source federated web. These are the electric sheep of my dreams.

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Humans are not superior to other animals, but some actions are way better to others.

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.@Blender's videos on #YouTube have now come back, but they are also being told by Google/YT that they HAVE to monetise them. #Blender are considering refusing, which presumably would mean the videos being taken down again:


Whatever they once stood for, #Google's aim now is exploiting their users' content for maximum profit.

If you don't want your videos to be exploited, it is important to switch to an independent alternative:



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I guess I couldn't just write about Quilter 1.6.0, could I? I've went and wrote a new shiny app, a PDF viewer. Meet Aesop, I'm sure it'll accompany your PDF reading needs for when you just want to read PDFs or hot reload that LaTeX file you're typing without any of that fussing on configurations. (Actually on the works) #elementaryOS

I know u said I wasn't going to be on Mastodon much, but I was wondering, do you think @pixelfed and Mastodon will be integrated?

This is a really interesting set of articles about 'Unix as an IDE'


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This morning we reached 42%, now we've just raised over the 50% bar! Y'all are wonderful! \o/
Keep sharing and talking about #PeerTube: together, we have 15 days left to make it happen!

Not really going to be on Mastodon much this week as I am on vacation, but looky looky at my pictures!


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if you ever find yourself upset with the "current generation's" slang of saying "feels" or "mood" too much just remember the 19th century had this

Awesome restaurant in the center of one of America's former industrial towns!

Travelling around Indiana to see the wife's family. I walk into a local coffee shop and what do I see? Intelligentsia Coffee... I haven't had that high of quality coffee in almost 10 years... So I bought some and I bought a mug! How awesome! Vacation days rock!

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I'm proud to announce the 1.0 release of the nin script. In this release is added IPv6 support. You can now set static and dynamic IPv6 addressing on interfaces provided you have nmcli :)

Testers needed!

The script:

Which thinkpad should I get... I want to keep it under 100$ US, but there are so many I don't know which one. I don't want a tablet laptop... Just a plain laptop. X1 carbon looks nice, but they are all over my budget.

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The Linux Advantage: It does exactly what you tell it to

The Linux Disadvantage: It does exactly what you tell it to

For this Father's Day:

He is a preacher with a keen and cutting approach to his own philosophy on life. He relies on Christian teachings for a basis, he is still a pragmatist. He taught me to think freely without inhibition to the use of reason. Reason is king in his world. He taught me practical life skills and he encouraged my individuality in a way no one else has. He taught me compassion and seeing the other side of the coin.

to my father and mentor.