@agbo I didn't buy it, It's a gift so I use it anyway.I'll buy a pinebook pro in the future.

@gxtony the nice thing about yay is that you can leave -Syu it does that without adding it by default ;)

@gxtony Beautiful, are there any sources?
Porting to Ubuntu might be nice 👍

@gxtony Yes, I tried this, but I'm not comfortable with it. I like my Gnome so much 😉

@milan yes,but yay -Syu is longer which makes the whole desktop more balance

So that wallpaper, how does it work? I saw a different text on Reddit 😃 So is it dynamic or what?

@robador51 It's a static wallpaper made by myself using krita.

@gxtony I like your status bar. Care to share a config?

You can search i3-starter-pack on GitHub, my configuration mainly came from that.

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