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In order to help clear up our GitHub issues section, we're moving new feature requests to FeatureUpvote, where you can comment and vote on the feature you'd like to see the most.

Check out our existing feature requests and submit your own at features.azuracast.com/

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Can we make Friday a thing? There are many free and/or software makers that deserve a shoutout.

I'll start. @libreoffice is incredible. I keep being amazed by how good it works, how it plays well with Msft standards, and how nice the online version is and that it's completely free. Awesome community. Thanks all.

Who would you like to boost for Friday?

is my go for de, with some customnization you'll have a perfect desktop. But I don't, because it just works. And it also uses least ram than most DEs. I really love the balance between the reasource usage and conveneince. Though I have i3 installed, but 99% of the time was spent on plasma. Well done, kde!

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KDE Applications 19.04 is out! The bundle comes with improvements and exciting new features for Okular, Gwenview, Konsole, Kate, Spectacle, Kontact, and many, many more.

Article: dot.kde.org/2019/04/18/kde-app

Full announcement: kde.org/announcements/announce

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We moved the radio player we use in our public player and embeds into its own standalone Vue single-file component. Now you can use this one file as a base for your own radio player, or use it directly and build it for your web site: github.com/AzuraCast/AzuraCast

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Jack Ma defends the 'blessing' of a 12-hour working day.
Jack Ma can fuck off. bbc.co.uk/news/business-479345

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Linux Games News #1
I only show you new games or new versions for Linux that are free.


So the port of London is not England's biggest port anymore?

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There is a new AI in town and it is CREEPY!!!  Learn more on tonight's Weekly News Roundup! 9:00p EST


I hate those "waifu" bot in federate timeline with untagged lewd and nudity. Can we silent those servers?

Rebecca (1940) is now my most favorite flicker. Excellent play.

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I have my home in ssd and videos folder in a 1 T hdd.And when I want to move files in videos folder to trash, KDE actually move it to my ssd's trash folder which in turn system get super laggy.

Finished watching gone with the wind, and I am not that agree with what it tends to address.

Why this server_linux_am eat up that huge amount of ram and cpu!
I don't remember I even installed it.

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Time is up for

I'm on Mastodon cause I'm fond of open source and as they are idealistic ideas that truly work.

Beside I'm into languages. Currently mostly 🇯🇵 , 🇫🇷 and 🇩🇪 . I'm studying to get comfortable with it.

I wish to overcome this awkward “No, I personally don't know anybody else who is using Fediverse” problem, so I'm considering to organise a in the where I live.

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