Download podcast stream: Download all of the .m4s file and init segment( Usually loaded after .mpd and before normal .m4s and it's usually called *.mp4 or *.dash)
and $ cat initsegment.dash *.m4s > out.mp4
now you have one file, I prefer to convert it to ogg so: $ ffmpeg -i out.mp4 podcast.ogg

Mastodon Bug: If you enabled tow-factor login, You can login without the otp. When you are asked to type otp, click 'LOG IN', and you are in !

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I need to find a trans community in NW Florida. I feel like I'm slowly falling to pieces, unable to present as male. If you're in the area, especially the Bay County area, can you please get in touch with me?

If you're not, can you please boost this so that area residents can see this?

Weird thing. tracerouted my vps, ICMP protocol is ok but both udp and tcp showed an unreachable warning in the end. I guess it's on transport layer. But I can ssh into that vps. Very weird.

Migrated from centOS to Fedora to get more packages. Everything was smooth so far.

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Why the computer cases in China are so cheap! On newegg, the price is between 60 - 110 bucks, but on Taobao, they even don't go beyond 20.

Is jumbo frame, 5G wifi, Gigbyte switch router a thing?

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> Hong Kong is passing a law to allow China to extradite ppl in HK who violates Chinese law, which is pretty much anyone that the Communist party hates. This will be the death blow to our freedom and sovereignty. That’s why we protest. 1.03 million people in Hong Kong (which means more than 1 /8th of total population) went to the march. BTW it’s sunny with over 90 degrees Fahrenheit and 77% humidity. We can’t lose our freedom!

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"here, use this browser that replaces obtrusive ads with more subtle ones!"

"But where do these other ads come from?"

"Our ad network"

"And who gets the ad revenue?"


"So you're stealing?"

"What no! We're getting paid for replacing the ads!"

"So you're stealing revenue?"

"Umm, no more questions!"

After two hours of configuration but mpd says 'no mixer'
ME: why this doesn't work.
Another two hours of configuration and mpd starts playing music.
ME: okay, then why this works.

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Dear fellas, me and my wife created this website to share the photos of our ongoing travel. All the photos are royalty free, you can use them as you wish 🙂. Our goal is to try and generate some income so we can extend the travel a bit longer. We wanted to ask you all a big favor, that you share this website with everyone you know, and on all social media 😁! A big thanks to all of you! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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Do you guys happened to know any awesome youtube desktop client or web interface?

Random thoughts: With the google ban, there will be a lot of second hand huawei phones on ebay. Maybe I can get one and install lineageOS on it?

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What do you mean I have to wait for the release for daily use :D

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It's great that Toy Story 4 will hopefully include more characters that @debian can name it's releases after.

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