is a virtual switch.

Barrier is a screen sharing tool where multiple computers with various operating systems can share the same mouse, keyboard, and clipboard. Where screens are relative to one another can be easily configured, with up to 15 computers sharing the same inputs. Switching the screen can be done by moving the mouse to it, or by pressing a key combination.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: barrier

Just discovered two useful features commonly available in shells:
1. printf "%q" 'thing!'
The %q sequence in the printf commands transforms an argument in a quoted version (see screenshot)
2. disown
This one is a builtin in bash and zsh, but not in dash. It disowns the last background job and, with that, closing the shell won't kill the disowned job. I'm using this for an opener script.

(I know printf isn't a shell builtin, but it is available in most systems, I guess)

Me at 3:40 on Monday: I really should get some sleep.
Brain: why there is a thing called "shower cap" ?
Duckduckgo time! Who needs sleep? Also, who needs shower cap? Is it a thing I'm too male to understand?

So many tidy spaces and now that.
Arch, Odroid C1 & C2, Rock64, Nextcloud, pi-hole.

Uni require us to re-upload our selfie, for facial recognition. The image should be 640x480, only one is needed. Useless, you either choose efficiency or security. Now with that crappy resolution every one can deceive camera with a photo. If you choose security then it will take hours before every one get into classroom.

Today I taught my non-tech room mates how to install android studio on Windows in a country where google is blocked. Now I know I definitely don't want to be a tech support in the future. Also respect to all your tech support. I know your pain.

Boinic and folding@home running at same time. Ryzen 1700 and gtx 1070 do generate a lot heat. However I live in sub tropical climate. ☹️

Looks like folding@home got too much compute power. I haven't get any assignment past 10 hours.

I did this (now I have time to draw a little) ... some interest in a redraw on Inkscape ? 🤔

Apparently, browsing through one's social media timeline is called "stalking". Have no idea about this before, thought once you posted it means to be seen. Might stop doing this. ( yes, I did it before )

3D printed face mask 

Close window button on the up left may be inconvenient, but it does prevent you from close window incidentally.

@wizzwizz4 @gxtony Here are some ideas more lightweight than a VM, but I am not sure whether they work.

1) Manipulate the website's JS code not by opening a console, but by writing a GreaseMonkey script.

2) Set a timer to switch to a different workspace, then start the video.

3) Set a timer to set the cursor to a different location outside the browser window. (No new mouse movement events.)

4) Creative solution:
There should be something equivalent for other OS' too.

Offline compatibility check:
Wikipedia offline.................yes
ArchLinux Wiki offline........yes
ArchLinux offline mirror.....yes
1.5TB of flickers from
Stardew Valley from
Factorio from
openstreetmap offline world map
A box full of CDs.................yes
A book shelf of books........yes

Bug-in proceed [-------->> ]

School: The website tracks your mouse position, once your mouse leave webpage the video will stop playing.
Me: Okay, qemu + kvm it is.

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