Deleted my google account and all accounts registered with gmail. However, when I try to register matrix I found the verification email didn't work.

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Minetest is addictive, played for about 5 hours in spite of huge package loss. Tried vpn but it makes it even slower. Maybe I should try UDP forwarding but I don't know how to do it.

Deleted my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter account. Time to switch to RSS feed.

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My mail server state:
+ DKIM ✔️
+ DMARC ✔️
+ TLS ✔️
+ Web Interface ✔️
+ rDNS ✔️
+ Spam block ✖️

$ echo "Happy Valentine's day!" | girlfriend
Zsh : command "girlfriend" not found

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Any painters/artists about? I'm looking to commission artwork to promote my new app. Find details at!

I've been rejected by hetzner, so...any recommendation about vps?

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The creator of needs a new computer to continue awesome development on the app. Who wants to toss him some money? Let's get him a new computer today!

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Here's the current state of my WIP ground control app for (and desktop, and Android) using . The background photo (taken on my honeymoon last year!) is a placeholder for the live video feed from the drone - that part doesn't work yet 😀. Some of the sensor reporting doesn't either, there's no camera gimbal control yet, etc. Much work remains! Will post progress.

I just figur out that OpenVZ VM can't run docker while KVM can.

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Lately, in the sprit of self-reliance and learning, I've dedicated some time every weekend to a new self-hosting project.

Previous successes (in no particular order):

- pihole (in docker)
- privatebin (in docker)
- unifi, for my APs
- radicale
- Plex
- murmur (in docker)
- searx (in docker)
- zabbix (with proxies!)

This week is cgit, for managing my own personal files and pass repositories.

The proper way of using static generator is you write and render html in local, and then deploy them to git server, and your web server downloads the files via git hook. Am I right?

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Hey people, first time here!
Found out about Mastodon from Distrotube's channel.
I have started this tech channel about unix-based systems, minimalism, online privacy and security.
It's very indie as I record the episodes during the night on my thinkpad t420s and phone as a mic being also very indie produced.
And one of the series I have started is a serie on Vim basics.
Here is the last ep. o using actions with motions. If that sounds cool to you, check it out ;)

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