Really, really wish this headache would go away. Tail end of the bug... I hope.

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my personality test / icon creator is done !!! find out what you look like

(RTs appreciated!)

@stardot *high five* kids have just had a week off nursery, I'm exhausted...

@nicd aha, I wasn't aware of the Mac-only situation! Good luck!

@nicd I hear decent things about kdenlive and pitivi, worth a look...

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Anyone who thinks the "free software is only free if your time is worth nothing" is an argument in favour of non-free software has evidently never tried to install a canon inkjet for network use

Ugh, I haz a bug. Nothing serious, just a bit achy and tired. Time for an early night. Send hugs :)

@Floppy but.. but.. there's a 2A USB port right there... why?!

@bjarni let's also consider the British English meaning of the verb "to toot", meaning to break wind. Very much an own goal there, Mastodon...

@simon @Stan that's almost exactly my stack too...

HP microserver
4*3Tb drives
Debian OS
mdadm for RAID
NFS server (media here, Plex on another host)
Burp server for backups

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Fancy supporting what we do? There's loads of way to do so that you can see here: <3

@zhenech all true - the above text was (loosely, from memory) a sign on the wall in my father's workshop, and it always amused me :)

@fitheach what is this Fediverse assumption that I want to cheat?! I mean, I'm the DM anyway, if I want to cheat, I'll just make it happen anyway :P

@codesections oh, they'd have to be good, I agree. I have no idea how easy it would be... but it feels like something that people would have already solved and I could use their designs.

My local library is setting up a digital maker space, including an open-access 3D printer....

It has just occurred to me that I could custom-print my own dice for tabletop gaming....


@zhenech @cybette seems broken, yeah, I don't see that exchange in Twidere. Ah well, I only use it for stuff anyway, and I'll be at my desk for that :)

@zhenech @cybette let's science!

I have Twidere installed, send me a DM?

@zhenech the customer is always right.

Sometimes confused, misinformed, stubborn, uneducated, malicious, manipulative, has a hidden agenda, or just downright stupid.

But never wrong :)

@zhenech @cybette iirc Twidere can post to both. It was kinda dead, but I think someone just picked it up and started work on it again ...

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