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From sign language to indigenous languages, AI to GDPR, panel discussions on societal influences to global activities, #FOSSASIA was amazing in variety and quality content. Thanks to the organisers, speakers, volunteers, and all participants!

@telent I use which is an open course project based on RaspberryPi and OpenHab. Works well ;)

@nextcloud obviously I can't publish it until I stop baking in my creds. But I will!

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Really good talk by Duane O'Brien on not using #GitHub profiles to evaluate job candidates when #hiring. Made me reconsider some of my own assumptions and biases. #FOSSASIA

Started my first proper :rstats: package last night - a clone of the "googlesheets" package, but for @nextcloud!

Basic idea is the same - wanting to natively read/write data to a cloud source, thus dealing with backups, sharing etc in one swoop. I just want to use *my* cloud :)

Initial functionality of list files, read xlsx, and write xlsx seems to be working. Had to bake in my creds for now, authentication workflow is still TODO. Good progress for one night though!

Posting a quick photo to test PixelFed federation, nothing to see here :)

@kev @ataraxia937 what about the directories underneath that? I've seen so many people do "chown foouser /foo/bar/baz" when "bar" isn't +rx to foouser either.

(I know you've probably checked that, but want to be sure :p)

@brandon @GDPRHallOfShame happily I do live in the EU, for another 2 weeks anyway :)

Wait wait wait.... FedEx want me to accept a privacy policy *just for clicking on the tracking link they sent me*?! With no opt out.

Doesn't the GDPR prevent holding a service "hostage" to accepting a privacy policy?

/cc @GDPRHallOfShame

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And the award for the cover of the week goes to … Bloomberg!

Fab day at today. Highlights were definitely the keynotes, especially @minebocek on reproducibility in your analyses. I do a lot of that already, but seeing it laid out nicely was really helpful

Top stuff on supercomputing for data science, cosmology analysis, public sector ML and more, pretty fascinating...

Having a great morning so far at - good keynotes, many notes taken already, lots more to come today. Good fun!

@rtwx @GreyLinux @stardot interesting, I've had zero issues with Tasmota, my Sonoffs have been stable for about 18 months now. Checking out HomeAssistant is on the todo though :)

@kev @_mark @mschuster @nextcloud ah must be a rename - I have the same menu with the "scan" option renamed to "upload from camera". It's in the same order and everything. And what's a scan but a specific style of photo anyway? ;)

@_mark @mschuster @kev @nextcloud don't know if this is exactly the same thing, but my Android Nextcloud app has "upload from camera" which has got to be pretty close?

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Please #StopUsingMedium. It’s really annoying and makes me not read your content, no matter how good it is. Not specific for this author. This a general statement.

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