I don't think they mean the thing by "open", but I agree with the sentiment nonetheless :)

King's Cross - the programmers station, indexed from 0 :)

A sunny day, an hour to kill, a new book. Can haz contentedness.

Today in "books I really should own already"... Getting new books is always nice though!

Super night at Edinbr.org speaking about Survival Analysis and ! Great pub chat after - even got to talk education policy with one of the core team!

Oh, and it was a *gorgeous* evening!

Well that was a productive few days hacking on my setup...

* Got full integration with my thermostat (via a REST sensor and REST switch) which eliminates my old MQTT approach.

* Got an automation script in place to handle the awkward Hestia boosting

* Got a fake switch in place to allow me to do repeated boosts while the fake switch is on.

* Set up a generic_thermostat object which reads from a and sets the fake switch accordingly.

Lovely! Multi room next :)

Taking a picture of my lovely Galileo thermometer - measuring temperature by relative density of liquids, so clever!

OK, mainly posted because I want to see if this shows up on yet... But it *is* pretty :)

Posting a quick photo to test PixelFed federation, nothing to see here :)

Wait wait wait.... FedEx want me to accept a privacy policy *just for clicking on the tracking link they sent me*?! With no opt out.

Doesn't the GDPR prevent holding a service "hostage" to accepting a privacy policy?

/cc @GDPRHallOfShame

"Working from home" really means "working from wherever is convenient" which today is a local cafe :)

Why have *just* an Orcharhino, when you can an Orcharhino ridden by Vitruvius, head of the Order of Master Builders!

(cc @x9c4 :p)

Just wrote my first blog post!


This week it was US PhDs awarded by category, a pretty simple dataset, so I thought it was time I dived in and started writing! Here's my favourite graph from the post - it's a look at how the number of PhDs awarded to a given specialization varies across the field it belongs to. Some fields are tightly grouped, others have huge variance. I was pretty happy with my use of geom_jitter on this, so comments welcome :P

Alright, 2 hours later, I had some fun. Drew a lot of line graphs (I mean, it's time series data, what are you gonna start with?) but then got inspired by other posts on Twitter, and re-created this beauty :)

Nice to see more money being spent on climate research overall. I might try to redo this as a function of total budget or GDP, to see if it's *really* increasing, but that's for another night :P

It's -7°C outside, but my heart is warmed by the arrival of my Patreon hex sticker. Feels good ;)

Long short for my budding :rstats: circle...

I'm working with the `forecast` package to fit TBATS models, which is great... but when I use `autoplot` the X-axis always comes out decimal. That is, I get "2019, 2019.05,2019.10,.." as the labels (see image...). I'd prefer that as actual dates.

Scale_x_date() doesn't seem to like the incoming axis data. Does anyone know how to reformat this?

OK, that was *way* more effort than I wanted it to be. But it works.

I shall now add "Provide AArch64 Shiny Server package rebuilds" to my todo list....

It has been a shitty day, and since I'm cutting back on sugar I can't even compensate with cake.

I can, however, rely on beer and games. Tonight, a Dark Ness and some Stellaris Megacorp... ;)

Playing the long version of Terraforming Mars. So far so good ;)

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