Super night at speaking about Survival Analysis and ! Great pub chat after - even got to talk education policy with one of the core team!

Oh, and it was a *gorgeous* evening!

Well that was a productive few days hacking on my setup...

* Got full integration with my thermostat (via a REST sensor and REST switch) which eliminates my old MQTT approach.

* Got an automation script in place to handle the awkward Hestia boosting

* Got a fake switch in place to allow me to do repeated boosts while the fake switch is on.

* Set up a generic_thermostat object which reads from a and sets the fake switch accordingly.

Lovely! Multi room next :)

Taking a picture of my lovely Galileo thermometer - measuring temperature by relative density of liquids, so clever!

OK, mainly posted because I want to see if this shows up on yet... But it *is* pretty :)

Posting a quick photo to test PixelFed federation, nothing to see here :)

Wait wait wait.... FedEx want me to accept a privacy policy *just for clicking on the tracking link they sent me*?! With no opt out.

Doesn't the GDPR prevent holding a service "hostage" to accepting a privacy policy?

/cc @GDPRHallOfShame

"Working from home" really means "working from wherever is convenient" which today is a local cafe :)

Why have *just* an Orcharhino, when you can an Orcharhino ridden by Vitruvius, head of the Order of Master Builders!

(cc @x9c4 :p)

Just wrote my first blog post!

This week it was US PhDs awarded by category, a pretty simple dataset, so I thought it was time I dived in and started writing! Here's my favourite graph from the post - it's a look at how the number of PhDs awarded to a given specialization varies across the field it belongs to. Some fields are tightly grouped, others have huge variance. I was pretty happy with my use of geom_jitter on this, so comments welcome :P

Alright, 2 hours later, I had some fun. Drew a lot of line graphs (I mean, it's time series data, what are you gonna start with?) but then got inspired by other posts on Twitter, and re-created this beauty :)

Nice to see more money being spent on climate research overall. I might try to redo this as a function of total budget or GDP, to see if it's *really* increasing, but that's for another night :P

It's -7°C outside, but my heart is warmed by the arrival of my Patreon hex sticker. Feels good ;)

Long short for my budding :rstats: circle...

I'm working with the `forecast` package to fit TBATS models, which is great... but when I use `autoplot` the X-axis always comes out decimal. That is, I get "2019, 2019.05,2019.10,.." as the labels (see image...). I'd prefer that as actual dates.

Scale_x_date() doesn't seem to like the incoming axis data. Does anyone know how to reformat this?

OK, that was *way* more effort than I wanted it to be. But it works.

I shall now add "Provide AArch64 Shiny Server package rebuilds" to my todo list....

It has been a shitty day, and since I'm cutting back on sugar I can't even compensate with cake.

I can, however, rely on beer and games. Tonight, a Dark Ness and some Stellaris Megacorp... ;)

Playing the long version of Terraforming Mars. So far so good ;)

What shall we do tonight Brain? Same thing we do every New Year's Eve, Pinky... Gather friends and play board games until midnight!

Happy New Year, Fediverse!

Boxing day is a good day for a walk, burn of some food, get some air. Today was pleasant indeed, mild, dry, no wind...

Went geocaching with the wee ones, found a Snow White themed trail with a cache for each of the seven dwarfs. Must have been about 3 miles round trip, not bad at all for short legs!

Not quite midnight yet, but an early present has arrived from one of my favourite breweries...

@puffinux one for you? ;)

Merry Christmas all! If you don't do Christmas, then health and good cheer to you!

Tracking Santa on and updating our world map with his progress as we go. Good fun with the kids, but I think I'm more invested than them ;)

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