Apologies for the YouTube link, but wow, I could watch these GuitarHero-style visualizations of piano playing *all day*. The work that's gone into this is just lovely

Rousseau - YouTube:

@gwmngilfen just spent 20 minutes watching piano videos! 😂😂😂

@kev @gwmngilfen I'm still watching it!!! :D
Thank you for sharing it!!! 👏

@kev @gwmngilfen very cool.

If it bothers you to post YouTube links (doesn't bother me) I'm sure there's a wrapper service of some kind that seemed to work quite well. NewPipe I think it was called.

@rpcutts @kev I use NewPipe on my phone to watch YouTube, yes, but I don't think it can generate URLs?

In any case, it doesn't bother me, but it does bother some followers, and it doesn't hurt me to acknowledge that :)

Glad everyone is enjoying a classical Sunday¡

@gwmngilfen Ahem, I don't see the need for apologies concerning youtube links. (Unless, of course, the same video is available on Peertube!) Seriously, I do that all the time. Do I need to modify my behavior?

@DistroJunkie I try not to tell others how to behave ;)

It's merely something I've seen from others I follow, and as someone who's a little concerned about certain sites myself, I thought it was a good thing to note. Nothing more or less. I don't think its mandatory.

(And in fairness, I didn't check PeerTube, so maybe it is!)

@gwmngilfen I'm pretty antigoogle but use tools to "safely " watch videos. I never thought it was a huge issue to post links. Those who are concerned will take appropriate measures. Those who don't care won't. Live and let live. Maybe I need to rethink my position.

@DistroJunkie I think that's a fair position, really. Civil discourse for the win! Mastodon is great :)

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