Wait wait wait.... FedEx want me to accept a privacy policy *just for clicking on the tracking link they sent me*?! With no opt out.

Doesn't the GDPR prevent holding a service "hostage" to accepting a privacy policy?

/cc @GDPRHallOfShame

@gwmngilfen @GDPRHallOfShame if you live in the US, the GDPR need not apply as it's European legislation, not American

@brandon @GDPRHallOfShame happily I do live in the EU, for another 2 weeks anyway :)

@gwmngilfen FedEx are terrible, I recently received a parcel from them which I wasn't in to receive the first time . The card dropped through the door said they would redeliver the next working day .They then tell me they don't know where parcel is when I ring up to ask why it was redelivered and that they don't provide an automatic redelivery device . It turned up later that evening by TNT delivery instead.
Congrats FedEx you failed at your only job description

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