Woo, it's :rstats: time! This week's dataset looks really interesting...


I bombed a bit last week after getting stuck on how to annotate a graph a certain way, but at least I learned something. Hoping this week leads to something I can actually publish on my blog...

/me settles in for a couple of hours of fun


Alright, 2 hours later, I had some fun. Drew a lot of line graphs (I mean, it's time series data, what are you gonna start with?) but then got inspired by other posts on Twitter, and re-created this beauty :)

Nice to see more money being spent on climate research overall. I might try to redo this as a function of total budget or GDP, to see if it's *really* increasing, but that's for another night :P

@gwmngilfen nice chart; took me a moment to grasp the "year/color" part, but the absolute values and percent changes are really clear!

@tobym Thanks! I was mostly trying to replicate twitter.com/harrocyranka/statu to learn, since it was such a nice chart, got a ton of knowledge about custom legends and text annotations :)

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