Long short for my budding :rstats: circle...

I'm working with the `forecast` package to fit TBATS models, which is great... but when I use `autoplot` the X-axis always comes out decimal. That is, I get "2019, 2019.05,2019.10,.." as the labels (see image...). I'd prefer that as actual dates.

Scale_x_date() doesn't seem to like the incoming axis data. Does anyone know how to reformat this?

@gwmngilfen without knowing what structure the x variables are output as (a reprex would be great), there's probably a lubridate function to fix that (or at least a way to use lubridate to fix it). lubridate is magic for dates.

@gzt sorry for the delay, busy day yesterday :P

So here's a reprex:

I've had a look at lubridate (I knew it already, and yeah, it's amazing) but couldn't just see a function for handling fractional years - but more-over, I'm not sure how to pass that data to scale_x_date anyway. It doesn't seem to accept aes() or data arguments.

Thoughts appreciated!

@gwmngilfen converts decimal dates. Can't get your example to work, unfortunately, but the appropriate syntax for what you want is something like +
scale_x_date(labels = date_format("%d-%m-%Y"))

@gzt ok, so date_decimal looks perfect, thanks for that - but what do I pass to it? Something like

autoplot(fc) + scale_x_date(labels=date_decimal())

doesn't work, as date_decimal() needs an argument, but I'm unclear how to access the X-axis data...

(Also, what's wrong with the reprex? If you can't reproduce, I am clearly failing to use the tool correctly :P)

Thanks for your help!

@gzt Got it!

So, I needed to realise two things - 1, that the value of `labels` can take a function, but *without* the empty parenthese (i.e labels=date_decimal in myexample above), and that I could define my own function to pass to scale_x_continuous().

Behold! 🎉

Thanks again for your help in pointing me the right way :)

@gwmngilfen the problem with the reprex was that fc was used without being defined and replacing it with what I thought it was supposed to refer to didn't work, either, so I gave up.

@gzt so I did! It must have been defined in my environment, and I didn't clean it. Lesson learned, thanks for that!

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