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Alright, time for a new home. Fosstodon has been recommend to me by quite a few people as the place that matches my interests, so, uh, here I am!

For those not following me over from, I'm a FOSS community manager, wannabe data scientist, sysadmin and devops enthusiast. Currently very interested in and , but will happily talk endlessly about pretty much anything.

Today my models mostly be like "shrug, I dunno, maybe ask some more folks?"


@Tay0 so after some investigation, the printer is fine!

I didn't touch it for about 6 weeks because I had some bead prints and no time to sit with it for an evening to debug the issue. But I did some bed levelling and a bency on Tuesday, and it's just peachy. I'm putting it down to a dodgy bit of filament.

Now printing as many tick removers as I can get on a bed (~25) for handing out to walkers, I think they'll be bad this year ...

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Another way of putting it is that with internet centralization people have been trained to reject diversity in services.

It's similar to how supermarkets displaced a variety of small local shops, and high street stores are being replaced by a few online retailers such as Amazon.

The totalizing tendency is everywhere. It's the kind of trend which Lenin wrote about over a century ago. The monopolies back then did eventually crumble, but they were mostly just replaced by new monopolies, including state-capital ones. So it probably is true that monopoly is the final form of capitalism, and that finding ways to get past that is one of the biggest challenges for humanity.

I was up til 3am last night. My colleague asked how it's even possible to stay up that late.

I replied that it's like flying in Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy - I *aim* at a sensible bedtime, and miss :)

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It's been exactly one year since we published the first issue of #TheBullhorn newsletter for the #Ansible developer community. Now we're at issue 24! I've been able to churn out these packed issues every couple of weeks (only missing an odd week here and there) thanks to my team and the #community. How are we doing? What would you like to see more of? Let us know!

Thinking of writing a WebDav package for R - I have a prototype one for @Nextcloud but there's no reason not to go wider.

Plan is to have {pins} support so it's trivial to pin/retrieve data from a given WedDav resource.

So, does this exist? I couldn't find anything, but I don't want to reinvent the wheel!


I have been away from Mastodon for too long! The birdsite keeps sucking me back in. I hereby resolve to ... well, that never works. But I'll do my best!

Time to go see how the group is shaping up over here!

Printing in black. Low-angle camera. Not a great combination 🤦‍♂️

@Tay0 more practice. This printed perfectly, but I now need to learn to measure the doors first ... :)

I'm discovering that is excellent for catching up on podcasts and build planning for the new league ...

Woo, my new 3d printer arrived! So, unboxing and setting up Octoprint is on for tonight.

Any other printer users in my vicinity? Would love to learn from you all :)

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Do you fly a #drone in the U.K.?

As of today, you need a flyer registration for most non-toy drones, and an operator ID for many (eg if it has a camera).

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By far the most scary part of the season - more than roasting a bird, more than the pressure to get "good" presents - is when I cut into the black bun I made *a month ago*. If it's bad, it's not like I can just dash off another one.

Thankfully my recipe is a good one. Pastry under-baked slightly but edible. Filling is spot on. It's tasty :)

We're officially mainstream folks! Just this in my *crossword*

"Source ____ (4)”

And yes, it was "code". And no, I didn't get it right away, because I didn't expect that topic to be in a *crossword*.

What a time to be alive!

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