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Alright, time for a new home. Fosstodon has been recommend to me by quite a few people as the place that matches my interests, so, uh, here I am!

For those not following me over from, I'm a FOSS community manager, wannabe data scientist, sysadmin and devops enthusiast. Currently very interested in and , but will happily talk endlessly about pretty much anything.

@rstats Dplyr 1.0.0 is out!

Ludicrous amount of stuff, bu my pick has to be summarise() being able to handle creating new rows as well as new columns - which can replace all sorts of nasty patterns involving do() or map() ...


Current avoidance method - being completely obsessed with Oxygen Not Included (

I love a good mix of planning, exploration, & deep systems, and under the cartoony surface, this has it all. Eg. I'm currently building transmission & distribution power lines because basic wiring only carries 1kW...

I bounced off it a while back, but I went back to it this week fsr, and now it's clicked. I just got to the Oil Biome - onwards!

@rstats your help please people!

I have a frame of ids and start/end dates, eg


I need to group by `acc`, and then calculate the total active systems over the weeks the account was active at all, eg

week, acc, total_sys

I have a solution that works, but takes ~1hr to run (initial df is 1.2mil rows). Is that ~right, or should I be able to speed it up?

Can share the code, ofc

/me goes to investigate the `furrr` package...

Another excellent night using Vassal. Good to spend time with close friends, even if they're on the end of a phone, instead of in the room.

ooooh, ranking-type charts. I can totally use this *now* as I'm working through some survey analysis with ranked responses...


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Here's the inaugural issue of "The Bullhorn" - A Newsletter for the #Ansible Developer Community! We detail an update on Ansible 2.10, recap the Ansible Contributor Summit, and give you some #Community Metric Highlight on #Collections:

Please subscribe!

Yay my new book arrived! Super excited to read this with my eldest :)

Loving the art style, reminds me of Calvin & Hobbes ...

Haven't made foccacia in years. One of my favourites, super tasty and really not hard if you take your time.

Not a perfect bake, but I am a bit rusty. Decent rise on the dough, good taste, but a little too much flour caught while shaping and messed up the base.

Still nom though :)

I mean, after 3 days of wrangling the cached code to store nicely in Postgres, now I get to do the fun it!

(Not a poll BTW, I'm probably going with shinydash for this one, it's a little more styling that I can get from the Boostrap stuff)


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Hmm, flexdashboard or shinydashboard for today's project...?


@rstats Oh, man, this Fox graph, it's just ... I can't even.

(Hat tip to whoever on Twitter posted this, I've lost my tab where I found the link)

Well, that's another milestone achieved. Don't need these any more.

@rstats If you've not tried out {pins} you're missing out, it's a superb way to handle data. Check it out!

(Also, I wrote the pins integration for Nextcloud, just sayin' :P)

RT @javierluraschi (Twitter)

The 📍 pins 0.4 Package is now available on CRAN! Adds support for 🗓️ versioning your datasets across all boards (@RStudio Connect, @GitHub, @Kaggle, all ☁️ cloud services, and now also @DigitalOcean). Pins also joins the 🤖 AI blog, enjoy!

This. I like this.

(Via the Guardian, Chris Clarke’s charity poster, Photograph: Chris Clarke/Guardian)

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To everyone who is in #statistics, #datascience, #econometrics :

There is a new group about #rstats on Mastodon: @rstats

Follow the group to get all group posts.

Share your post with the group by tagging the group name.

Tip: The #Mastodon "Lists" feature is handy to see group posts. Create a list for @rstats and "+pin" the list.

Feel free to boost this toot.

#R #Rlang #CRAN #rstat #ggplot2 #ggplot #rstudio #tidyverse #satRdays #dataviz
#dataanalysis #machinelearning #stats #Fediverse

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tibble 3.0.0 is out
tibble is a modern re-imagining of the data frame.
Learn more about the advantages of including tibbles in your work in @krlmlr's blog post.

(Yes I am manually retweeting things for now. if there's interest in an @rstats community, then jeez I am going to push it :P)

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"The difference between technology and magic is that technology works regardless of whether you believe in it or not."
"So computers are magic?"
"Computers are magic."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

It's a UK Bank Holiday today.

But I'm still working, because although I love my kids, they're intense - 50% kids / 50% work is *way* more preferable to 100% kids.

Holidays are for people who either don't have young kids, or are not on lockdown.

I thought I had a big house so that I could have friends over for dinner & games.

Turns out I have a big house so that family members can still find space to avoid each other during lockdown.

I'm seeing renewed activity on my timeline for both and .

Perhaps now is the time to do a proper release of my buggy-but-mostly-works Nextcloud R package... Especially as it supports the {pins} package, which is very handy.

Any takers to beta test for me? :)


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