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Alright, time for a new home. Fosstodon has been recommend to me by quite a few people as the place that matches my interests, so, uh, here I am!

For those not following me over from, I'm a FOSS community manager, wannabe data scientist, sysadmin and devops enthusiast. Currently very interested in and , but will happily talk endlessly about pretty much anything.

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Understanding environmental impact is hard.

Me and my gas-guzzling mini-van have a much lower impact than most "green car" owners... simply because I drive way, way less than average.

Planes aren't bad for the environment because they burn lots of fuel. Planes are bad for the environment because they are convenient and encourage, enable and create a market for massive amounts of travel.

Switching to advanced, super-clean vehicles won't improve things nearly as much as telecommuting would.

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We live in a world where stealing our attention is the most profitable business. Yet, knowledge work demands long periods of focused attention to get anything worthwhile done. We must constantly fight to protect our attention from the myriad of digital and physical distractions. Constant distraction is our default state now unless we take active steps to create focus.

#DeepWork #Focus #Attention

Taking a picture of my lovely Galileo thermometer - measuring temperature by relative density of liquids, so clever!

OK, mainly posted because I want to see if this shows up on yet... But it *is* pretty :)

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Time once again for :rstats: user group meeting. Was gutted to miss the last one, glad to be back :)

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Repeat after me:

" #Aadhaar is dystopian and dangerous. "
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If I'm making a ginger decoction, is it really necessary to discard the solids? I'm trying to make a ginger sugar free candy for my kid who has pretty constant nausea

#plantsourcedmedicine No idea how to tag this lol

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Side note: if you are my ages IE creeping towards middle age like a slug on a cabbage leaf, please please listen to younger people (ethnicity, skin colour, sexuality, gender expression etc)& support the shit out of them! It's our job!

My granddad said a thing about racism I still remember:
"Young people get to do dumb shit, thats the point of being young - but if you're old you've had time to learn and have no excuse being an arse! Never respect age if it comes with a side order of ignorance!"

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'if you're a user you should change your password now.'

It's running again, but:
'The hacker exploited a vulnerability in our production infrastructure'

#infosec #matrix

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My #OpenLeaders mentee Heather Burns delivering yet another HIGH QUALITY talk on #privacy & #ethics

Seriously, book her for your event. Her expertise is unquestionably valuable.

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If some person you know is concerned about privacy do them a favor and give them this link about VPNs: really well written and clarifying

This is a superb read (hat tip to SarahJamieLewis on Twitter)

It's a discussion of the issues with queer and trans folks face; while I don't agree with all of it, it's pretty accurate for the most part.

One reason I got into was that I could see some of this coming, and wanted to be in there helping to change it. I don't know if we can; my contribution is building systems that don't identify *people*, but provide insight at a community level.

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I'm looking for an #Icelandic grammar book either in English or German. More a systematic overview where I can look things up than a lesson-by-lesson textbook.

Boosts welcome, takk fyrir :)

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Calling all EU nationals living in the UK. The UK will be participating in the EU Parliament elections on May 23rd.

Because of Brexit many EU nationals may not have kept themeslves on the voter's roll. Please make sure you are registered to vote. This election may be important for securing your rights.

#politics #EU #Brexit

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Today is the 50th anniversary of RFC-1, which in a sense means that programmers have now been chatting and arguing about the internet for 50 years.

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@bob @gwmngilfen @matrix identity servers are (currently) only for linking 3rd part identifiers (phone, email etc)

You can use to log into the old, and the new account, and then it will join all your old rooms with the new account and copy over some other things

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