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Alright, time for a new home. Fosstodon has been recommend to me by quite a few people as the place that matches my interests, so, uh, here I am!

For those not following me over from, I'm a FOSS community manager, wannabe data scientist, sysadmin and devops enthusiast. Currently very interested in and , but will happily talk endlessly about pretty much anything.

Whoa, was already huge, now it's a behemoth. So many things to try out....

(Like migrating it to a fresh install because my ancient many-times-upgraded one is starting to behave erratically)

Just finished the first session of my new RPG group on Roll20. Have to say, I'm impressed. Clear audio without lag, good map tools, obviously a decent dice system, and macros if you want them.

Seems like the players enjoyed themselves, so part 2 will be happening at some point.

Who says you can't RPG when you have kids? :)

This is the right season for my favourite tree...

Don't tell me you don't have a favourite tree.

Oh my. Checking out roll20app [] and my programming brain has been completely triggered by the extensive macroing system. I am *so* going to lose whole weeks to this...

So, can we just fork the {UK/Scotland} subdirectory? The current maintainers of {UK} seem unwilling to merge our patches...

I have been away too long. Twitter seduced me with it's meme-y-ness. I can only atone for my sins through the medium of dance.

You can't see me dancing, but that's probably for the best :)

I mean, I mostly followed the docs. But sometimes a code-through can help, right?

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Just judging effort vs worth here...

If I were to write up my experiences getting to work in using ShinyProxy, would that be of interest?


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Fairphone? Pinephone?
Pinephone? Fairphone?

Hmmmmmmm 🤔

I am hungry. Getting back on the diet now that lockdown is eased off and the kids are back to school is *hard*

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Finally starting to think about consolidated self-hosting platforms. Would like to do some evaluation, but I'm a bit out of the loop - I'm aware of @yunohost and (which is paid), what other options are there?

(Honourable mention for FreedomBox too, but I *think* that's not massively extensible in the way something like Yunohost is, right?)

Fire away, Mastodoons!

An evening spent building infrastructure for my local community. Time well spent, feels good. Should do more of this.

Gah. Cracked the screen on my OnePlus with a careless drop. Not serious, hairline fracture over the back button, but still, it gives this a definite expiration date.

@cybette still enjoying the F(x)Tec? Would you recommend?

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