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Alright, time for a new home. Fosstodon has been recommend to me by quite a few people as the place that matches my interests, so, uh, here I am!

For those not following me over from, I'm a FOSS community manager, wannabe data scientist, sysadmin and devops enthusiast. Currently very interested in and , but will happily talk endlessly about pretty much anything.

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Superb piece by rdpeng@twitter on the role of theory in data analysis:

I agree with most of this, although the word "guide" or "map" feels better than "theory" for me. But "compressing history" is a superb piece of wording, and feels exactly right.

So, yeah, I did do that text analysis on talk submissions for - have some text geekery ;)

Today I started reading up on doing Survival Analysis. Mind. Blown. This is going to be fun.

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Since we didn't get very many women, enbies, or people of color to submit talks, the folks choosing talks for the Decentralisation & Internet Privacy track at FOSSDEM 19 decided that we'd like to ask of you:

If you submitted a talk, go ask an underrepresented minority friend/acquaintance of yours if they'd like to give the talk with you/in your stead.

CC @fosdem, can we get a little boost πŸ’œ?

Also: gee thanks Nextcloud. I was *supposed* to be doing important levelling in PathOfExile tonight....

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In summary (so far):

PM Theresa May saying she will shelve vote so she can renegotiate with EU. Timing of new vote not specified. Specific cited problem area: Northern Irish Backstop.

Rumours from EU: substantive changes in withdrawal agreement not possible.

#Brexit #Omnishambles #EU

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When you're writing code, don't forget that one of the people who might end up using it, one of the people you need to write docs for, is you. Specifically, a version of you 3-5 years from now who has no memory or idea of what you were thinking when you wrote it.

Wait *what*?! has fediverse in the latest release?! Wow. So I just gained my own activitypub server for free, I guess. Might try it out tonight ;)

I'm on the talk selection committee for a conference, and I have this urge to pull all the talks into :rstats: just so I can do random text analysis on them...

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In today's edition of "Imposter Syndrome Strikes Again", I see an advert for a one-day data science course, and realise how many techniques you can learn in 8 hours that I still haven't learned in a year.

Sigh. I need to make this my day job so I can keep growing ;)

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Please take a moment to check whether your remote backup scripts will overwrite existing backups with empty files while the machine being backed up is down :flan_cool:

Relaying this message for a friend, honestly :flan_pats:

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Tech debt is a very real thing. We tend to think of it as purely bad, but debt isn't bad when you're borrowing to buy a house. Same with borrowing a little tech debt in the name of shipping quickly. The key is to understand how much you're borrowing.

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A medium dark roast certainly worked well.

However, I have a conundrum. If I roasted a bean variety and the results were terrible, I would obviously be motivated to try something different.

If the roasting works out fine, my experimenting usually ends. That means I might be missing an even better flavour by roasting more or less.

What would be useful is a coffee roasting wiki, with tasting notes. Tried searching for such a thing, but I didn't discover anything

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#linuxrocks #fosstodon

@kev pointed out how close linuxrocks and fosstodon are in users and toots and I been getting such a kick out of watching us both grow together.

Linuxrocks 1,708 users and 70,125 toots

fosstodon 1,767 users and 69,609 toots.

In October 11 we had the exact same amount of users.

Glad to see our Mastodon Family grow and with great instances like ours with awesome users.

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Last boost: Boys don't have color or interesting outfits compared to girls.

However, outfits for girls and women often lack something cloths for boys and men have: pockets. And reasonable ones, too.

Why can't there be clothes that go against trends trends and make visually interesting, pocket-having clothing for everyone? πŸ€”

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Australia just made Man-In-The-Middle attacks required by law. They call it "the ghost" and every #encryption connection has to be open to the government.

Good luck with that.


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Fellowships for women working on open source programming projects Show more

Dinner at a friend's house, so clearly, I'll bring dessert. Baking night is fun night ;)

(Caramel apple pie, for the record. Vegan too :p)

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