@mookie Thanks! Yes, been going through it for a while now.

Thanks all! Going through all of your suggestions 😀

@gvhoecke Here are a few recommendations from the people I follow.


And me 😊

The way I found interesting accounts/people was just by lurking around the local timeline for a while. You see what people on your instance are tooting, who/what they're boosting, and you end up finding some really cool stuff. Then you follow them, see who they're following, who they're boosting and so on 😉

So I decided to give a try, after reading @kev 's blog.
Any recommendations of must-have (tech) accounts to follow?

@kev Works great here, around 50 GiB sync'ed. Using it to keep 4 devices in sync, including my Android phone for all of my pictures and music. Enabled versioning as well.


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