From today no facebook anymore😎. So much quality time now💪.

Does he/she has name? If not i would recomend FOSSy 😁

Does somebody have a good manual for building a server with a raspberry pi? I want try to build up my first server😎💪

:Next stupid question in my linux life: What happend🙈😲:

@linux made me realize that there is a way to solve problems and repair things on my own. Especially in a world where you buy immediately new things if the old seems to be broken.

I don't know much about @linux, but it makes me proud that I can do some things with the terminal and see that it works :). Slowly but steady😁

@kev the stickers are here. Very fast shipping. Thank you. Now I can spread @fosstodon in Bonn 😁

How can I add my pixelfed account to fedilab? I try to add it via "new account" but it didn't worked :/.

Use now @pixelfed. Looks pretty good. Hope there will be an app in the future or an connection to fedilab :)

What are good and stable alternatives for Android? I am a Linux noob😀. I have a wiko birdy.


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