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My company is currently hiring a QA Engineer with experience in at least one open source UI framework like Cypress, Selenium, Puppeteer, etc. Work remotely from anywhere in the US. Salary range is $90k-$120k USD for this position. Boosts appreciated. For more information:

web developers that prevent you from pasting passwords into forms "for security" (or the project owners that require them to do it) need to be fired

Rant about expectations for support 

So today I see this article on Hacker News where an open source maintainer asks people to post their problems on the official Github or Slack channel instead of tweeting him directly because "there are many other people who are willing and able to help besides myself" watching those pages, and some people on HN are saying that must mean he hates his users. Is it really so hard to copy-paste your DM into a Github Issue?

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Rant about expectations for support 

I even had one person send me a doctored log file that made it look like my software was crashing in a major way so I would prioritize investigating his issue, and after asking him to screen share and I saw the log file for myself, revealed that the problem had literally nothing to do with my system. They faked it so I would help them faster, and it worked.

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Rant about expectations for support 

Most were happy to do so, but some kept messaging me. I would ask why. "It's too much work" (just copy paste your message into Jira and click 'create ticket'. "I need it now" (if that's true then make the ticket and I'll prioritize it). "It shouldn't take you long" (yes but I have priorities and it's not fair for you to skip the queue).

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Rant about expectations for support 

I once worked at a small company where people would DM me when they had problems since I was the expert at the company. As the company grew I asked people to make a ticket in our team's Jira board for two reasons: 1) I now had fantastic teammates who knew more than me and it wouldn't make sense for me to do everything; 2) we had more requests now which meant some could not be solved right away and had to wait a couple days, and Jira is how we'd track that.

Any recommendations for a PoE IP camera DVR with a smartphone app? I'm currently using a Reolink DVR with 4 PoE IP cameras but I've had 2 cameras just stop working. I'm considering a Ubiquiti Cloud Key Gen2 Plus, but then I'd also need a PoE switch.

Hi, my company is for several engineering and sales roles. We are particularly hiring for a QA Engineer with experience with end-to-end testing using tools like Cypress.

AWS versioning makes no sense. 1.21.5 is the latest version of 1.21 they support, but 1.21.6 came out 4 months ago. So AWS lags behind by 4 months? Well not exactly. 1.20.7 is the latest 1.20 supported but 1.20.8 came out 9 months ago. That's almost a full release cycle behind!

I may not know how to do literally anything else, but I do know how to press Down B.

Inflation on US utility prices 

Some people on my city's subreddit were complaining that their natural gas bill has been a lot higher this year.

I got my latest bill which is the highest it's ever been (over $50 more than my previous high). I decided to look into it and yep, it's a lot more expensive. My usage has even been lower this year due to how warm it's been but my bill is still higher.

Don't you love when you copy-paste a password into a website and it says the password isn't correct, so you reset it using the same password, and it says that isn't allowed since the password is already being used?

" is down for *some* users"

Taking notes from AWS I see. Sounds like probably more than 90% in the US based on what I've seen. But hey I guess it's still "some" in the way that something at a 1% discount is still "up to 40% off"

Does anyone have a good reference (or explanation) of how schedules and evicts pods when using Burstable QoS?

I'm trying to set up Cluster Autoscaler, and I know it works best when using Guaranteed QoS (cpu/mem limit == requested), but I'm trying to decide whether I want to do that or use Burstable (cpu/mem limit > requested).

Do you have any cats that try to run outside? 

Two of my cats have absolutely no interest in going outside, but one will sit at the door when we're coming home and try to run outside when we open the door. We have a small enclosed entryway so we use that as an airlock of sorts, only allowing one door open at a time. This has prevented him from escaping on numerous occasions. But we rent so we'll eventually need to leave and our next house probably won't have an entryway like this.

Hi I'm Derek, a software engineer in . I'm interested in (particularly , , , , and ), , digital rights, , . I am an unapologetic light theme user.

I'm not just new to the fediverse but also microblogging and social media in general. Please let me know if I commit a faux pas.


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