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Things I did not learn in school, college or family.. This was more about unlearning rather, and is merely a tip of the iceberg, thanks to my social background

1. Being an adult means taking complete responsibility for your actions and words. Has nothing to do with age.

2. Nor does respect has anything to do with age. Don't just "respect your elders", respect everyone. Especially those who enjoy less freedom or autonomy than you.

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"I see water on the bridge,
You better hold my hand through this" - The National

Trying to debug on pop OS. gdb command says:

"/opt/vivaldi/vivaldi-debug": not in executable format: file truncated

Why oh why? File is definitely executable in terms of permissions. What am I missing? Any suggestions anyone?

Breaking: Mars becomes the second planet that has more computers running Linux than Windows.

50 days into 2021 and I am barely keeping it together.. FML

Lovely short animation film that touches on the human connection, loneliness and mental health

Scanning all the black and white photos of my folks from the 70s and 80s.. Have to use a windows laptop to get all settings right on this canon scanner. Ugh

I am so thankful to Natural's Tender Coconut ice cream...

Biden and Harris represent the imperialist white ruling class of America, that cannot imagine a future without police, prisons & privatisation. How hard is it to acknowledge this and understand that trump leaving office is not a victory of any sort??

For the liberals: very hard.

AQI of 508 in Delhi tonight.. No wonder my head is heavy and I am feeling out of breath. Did drive for 7 hours, but still, it has been a while since I've felt this exhausted

So this was the year we were all waiting for all of last year?

Merry Christmas everyone. 😀 This year, as every year, we are giving you the gift of secure emails: 🎅🎄

Had no idea Toshiba made audio devices too. Just bought their Bluetooth speaker, really good stuff for the price!

Filesystem turns read-only unexpectedly. Not sure why..

This is unbelievable at multiple levels. One: something I presented on back in 2017 got published; two: I got the opportunity and space to be part of such stellar list of researchers and scholars - so humbled and honoured! And finally: the amazing Institute of Network Cultures Amsterdam published the essays! 🤯

The PDF and ePUB are freely available

Quite a strong earthquake in Delhi just now. Phew

Didn't even notice that Google services were down.. Hardly use them :)

Was on a 15 hour "repatriation" flight back to home earlier this week. Staff couldn't manage the careless and at times unruly passengers.. I was sweating. Didn't have the nerve to get up from my window seat even once, except to get a migraine medicine in the beginning.

Quarantining since then, no symptoms yet, and just got tested too. Fingers crossed and sanitized.

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