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Things I did not learn in school, college or family.. This was more about unlearning rather, and is merely a tip of the iceberg, thanks to my social background

1. Being an adult means taking complete responsibility for your actions and words. Has nothing to do with age.

2. Nor does respect has anything to do with age. Don't just "respect your elders", respect everyone. Especially those who enjoy less freedom or autonomy than you.

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"I see water on the bridge,
You better hold my hand through this" - The National

In other news. The wild flower has finally begun blooming! Two months into first planting it :ac_heart:

Weirdest 10 minutes of this past week just happened: first I find out about the neo-nazi twitter called parler and how broken and sad a place it is. Then I learn about Gab - an older, larger network of fascists.. It uses mastodon too 😢 and we can't do much about that except block the entire instance..

Why does it take me so much time to get shit done these days... :ac_angry:

Loving this cheap second hand essential oil diffuser, currently emitting tea tree oil

I've been using and enjoy it. Points raised here seem valid ( and I wonder if it's worth self hosting and moving to with E2EE (encryption)?

Wow, now has Jane Napolitano in its board of directors.. Surely this will help zoom get into the good books of the new government in USA. In exchange for you know what.

Who is this person? Here:

Neighborhood cat comes over for his daily day time nap - has settled into a nice routine now. Sometimes he prefers us being right next to him when he is ready to fall asleep

Saw the HBO show avenue 5. I don't understand why it's not more popular, it's so funny, intelligent and dark. Wish they are able to do season 2 soon

We're committed to make a sad 2020 for the open web less sad: While Mozilla has reduced its workforce by one third this year, we plan to increase ours even further. If you are on the #MozillaLifeboat, contact us! With our passion for #privacy & #opensource we build a better & Google-free web! 😀💪👇

I have had to enable app names in the launcher just because of these amazing logo icons... Thanks

I have realized this year that I am not really a work-from-home person despite having been self-employed / independent for 10 years or so.

"What makes you think that I am enjoying being led to the flood?"

I wanted a web interface for all the git repos on my localhost. Gitlist seems to be pretty good!

Been using owncloud for several years, decided to move to nextcloud recently - enjoying it even more. Especially the recipes app!!

US elections are a joke. Democracy is in shambles, really. I think the the global south should get together and help the US. We should send the military and diplomats to observe and monitor the electoral processes. We should give them true democracy.. And help elect a good leader. No?

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