And went on to narrate incidents within news rooms that exemplify the problems caused by underrepresentation of religious and social minorities. He also admitted that the big media houses are funded by big corporations that makes them pro right wing, at least economically

I got to ask him (anonymously) how much of this terrible mainstream media problem is caused by the very low representation of minorities in media houses and news rooms. He did not touch upon this at all in his talk. But in his response at least he agreed completely.

Someone who clearly didn't like the consistent bashing of Modi & modia, asked - you never say something when the lefties criticise Gandhi. "Criticizing is fine, everyone should, but justifying murder, hate and communal mindsets is something I have never heard from the left wing"

He mentioned right in the beginning. "इस सरकार से एक विश्व्विद्यालय तो बना नहीं मगर एक तोड़ने की कोशिश ज़रूर चल रही है"

He presented clear evidence of memes, fake news and misinformation that started from the "IT Cell" and the supporters/members of RSS, and has been brought to national television screens by many media houses. Justifying murder, violence, communalism and hatred

Had the opportunity today to listen to Ravish Kumar talk about Gandhi, Godse and Public memory - his sharp criticism of social media and mainstream media's role in parroting right wing vitriol. "This is not the fringe anymore"

#Bolivia | Indigenous communities march to La Paz, defending their flag, as well as rejecting the coup and its leaders. Our correspondent Alejandro Kirk brings us this report from there.

#Bolivia | Right-wing opposition protesters burn the whipala which is a symbol of resistance of the indigenous peoples of Abya Yala and the official second flag of Bolivia.

@Gargron Hey, since this instance now has thousands of Indian users with heavy engagement, can you please also add casteism to this point?

@guneetnarula Just the fact that it's public compounds the issue, but Federated social networks aren't alone in this issue. I've personally had a fake Facebook profile made of me, and there's virtually no way to get rid of it because of the vast bureaucracy inside of companies like Facebook.

Impersonation is a big issue in federated social networks. I can't have my username registered in all possible instances of mastodon. So someone else could impersonate me on another instance, follow you, and start saying or doing things that I don't approve of. This is dangerous and has been well known for the last couple of years. The solution does not look easy to me.. plus it is hard to argue that the solution is non-technical

Personally, while I have kept track of alternatives such as Mastodon since their inception, I always thought that a mass exodus would be difficult. There is something to be said about the creativity of calling out the blue tick as a digital janeu and using creative hashtags to call out the birdsite


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