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Things I did not learn in school, college or family.. This was more about unlearning rather, and is merely a tip of the iceberg, thanks to my social background

1. Being an adult means taking complete responsibility for your actions and words. Has nothing to do with age.

2. Nor does respect has anything to do with age. Don't just "respect your elders", respect everyone. Especially those who enjoy less freedom or autonomy than you.

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"I see water on the bridge,
You better hold my hand through this" - The National

Thanks to the high rate of vaccinations coupled with testing, a lot of outdoor activities are allowed here. So I went back to the football field..

It's been tough on the body 🤕 Did three weeks of gym and home workouts before playing games, but still not feeling fit. Especially with the knee injury that has just recovered on its own over the last year. Aches and pains all around

Anyway, I played defense in a friendly pickup game today. Tracked it on the watch too. I like that heat map!

🚀 Alright fedi gang, do your magic. Looking for a junior dev in the UTC+05:00 to UTC+08:00 timezone.

The company is a small biz, and isn't a total dumpster fire as far as treating you goes. I was quite pleasantly surprised, in fact. Fully remote.

Project is ~2 months in and a standard Django thingy.

You'll work with me. Feel free to check my site to get a sense of who I am. Happy to help you throughout your onboarding and beyond. Ask me questions on my XMPP/Telegram.

hey is there anybody on the fediverse who lived in germany between like 1982-1984 and listened to NDR

or anyone who was active in the music scene there around that time

or even any radio DJ's from that era

because the world could use your help solving the mystery of the most mysterious song on the internet

basically, all you need to do is read the wikipedia article and listen to the song and hopefully you'll recognize it and remember who it is

boosts appreciated, you never know, fedi might be the place to crack this case!!! :boost_ok:

I think it is fair to say that Roberto Firminho is one of the best, and the most underrated, football players in the world right now. They way he controls the ball and keeps possession is just unbelievable. Just doesn't attempt scoring too much, which is what is rewarded a lot in the big leagues, and instead creates space and opportunities

A good video on climate change, the science behind it, how certain are we and the problems of science and scientific reporting.

Beautifully made, quite sad though that it did not feature the role of the elite ruling classes and their capital around the world for making and worsening this disaster,

Planning to move away from namecheap hosting services. First year is good, but then it gets costly especially with the SSL certificate charges

Have I mentioned I like road trips? Here's a map of all the driving I have done in India (and Bhutan).
Short blog:

Presenting a workshop on zoom is really difficult .. I miss all the training sessions and workshops from before the pandemic. Being the same room is so helpful

Saw a huge collection of Rodin sculptures today among other cool historical stuff from all over the world. Museums in the west are quite something.. How do they just acquire anything and everything?

She does not enjoy being alone, misses her brother and pretends to hunt flying leaves in the grass. A colourful personality.

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**Indian workers who built US Hindu temple file suit alleging abuse**

"The complaint filed on behalf of more than 200 Indian workers alleges 'shocking violations' of US labour laws."

#news #bot

Covid situation in India is unbelievable. I am angry, disgusted upset, heart broken and hopeless all at the same time.. This government and all its supporters are a bunch of horrible people - especially those who are privileged enough to have all kinds of access and still to choose to peddle disinformation and government propaganda

Just found

Linux commands manuals presented beautifully! This will be bookmarked for all the intros to chats/convos I find myself in.

I want to start posting to my blog. I like the idea of

With all the work though, everything personal takes a back seat :( haven't been gaming, playing football (thanks to covid), reading, or recording, or even gardening. Cooking, yes, that's unavoidable but fun thankfully.

How does one get into the habit of writing!! Also by the time I login to my blog, I get distracted by the many open tabs on the browser, that have pending work staring at me :ac_angry:

@rastinza @aral @ryan Are you saying we'll forget about the horrors of slavery if the primary branches of our git repositories aren't called "master"?
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