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Things I did not learn in school, college or family.. This was more about unlearning rather, and is merely a tip of the iceberg, thanks to my social background

1. Being an adult means taking complete responsibility for your actions and words. Has nothing to do with age.

2. Nor does respect has anything to do with age. Don't just "respect your elders", respect everyone. Especially those who enjoy less freedom or autonomy than you.

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"I see water on the bridge,
You better hold my hand through this" - The National

**Indian workers who built US Hindu temple file suit alleging abuse**

"The complaint filed on behalf of more than 200 Indian workers alleges 'shocking violations' of US labour laws."

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Covid situation in India is unbelievable. I am angry, disgusted upset, heart broken and hopeless all at the same time.. This government and all its supporters are a bunch of horrible people - especially those who are privileged enough to have all kinds of access and still to choose to peddle disinformation and government propaganda

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Linux commands manuals presented beautifully! This will be bookmarked for all the intros to chats/convos I find myself in.

I want to start posting to my blog. I like the idea of

With all the work though, everything personal takes a back seat :( haven't been gaming, playing football (thanks to covid), reading, or recording, or even gardening. Cooking, yes, that's unavoidable but fun thankfully.

How does one get into the habit of writing!! Also by the time I login to my blog, I get distracted by the many open tabs on the browser, that have pending work staring at me :ac_angry:

@rastinza @aral @ryan Are you saying we'll forget about the horrors of slavery if the primary branches of our git repositories aren't called "master"?

The fact that the UK is essentially the north on the global map today, says a lot about where we are.

Just like history is a weapon, so can be a map..

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I am glad that HOTOSM has hosted this discussion. And I even more glad with who got to speak today. The participation has been wonderful as well. Maybe this is a beginning of something better..

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What does it really mean for the local community to be heard or be seen on the map. That's not an issue particularly with
OSM but definitely a difficult and core question for mappers and cartographers to

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The big difference that
OSM offers is that local communities and local knowledge finds a place online. They can attempt to take control of their map data. Another good point by Trudy Hope

Another part is that the tech itself is inaccessible to so many. So many barriers.

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One personal thought on this: if the largest source of mapping data - satellite imagery - is shared or used with an open license, we will see a big difference in who gets to map and who gets to use it

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"The hand the gives is always above the hand that receives" - says Willy Franck Sob (OSM Cameroun)

Excellent. Captures the power dynamic in the world of philanthro-capitalism really well.

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How big corporations, powerful countries from the global north,
Trudy Hope (Zambia, HOT Board) hits the nail on the head with an example: [paraphrasing] one country donates satellite imagery that it has of another poor country back to it, and they only collected it to find locations for mining.

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"Colonialism in the production of knowledge" - this phrase used by
Selena Yang (GeoChicas)
gets at the heart of the matter

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Important comments and perspectives coming up in the "Colonialism in Open Data and Mapping" webinar organized by

South Asian maps and mapping efforts suffer a whole lot because of the history of colonialism here, and the current neo-colonial regimes

Trying to debug on pop OS. gdb command says:

"/opt/vivaldi/vivaldi-debug": not in executable format: file truncated

Why oh why? File is definitely executable in terms of permissions. What am I missing? Any suggestions anyone?

Breaking: Mars becomes the second planet that has more computers running Linux than Windows.

50 days into 2021 and I am barely keeping it together.. FML

Lovely short animation film that touches on the human connection, loneliness and mental health

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