Just landed here! At first look seems very cool place! I'm here for my open-source philosophy and in order to find other people to talk about :D

@guerra hi! I dabble with embedded software and HW modeling so pretty low level stuff

@lopeztel cool, I work for linux embedded platform :) I will look at your projects

@guerra I usually do even lower level stuff haha, have you worked on Zephyr by any chance?

@guerra from what I know it's like linux kernel for MCUs

@dajbelshaw thank you!! Your toots
seems very interesting

You may already know this but Mastodon doesn't use any algorithms so following people really will dictate what kind of experience you have:)

Also don't forget to check your local timeline. I've got a pinned toot on my profile for following by hashtag when using the advanced web interface.

@lps thank you to remind me this!!! I keep it updated! :)

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