@dallin Well said and (just in case some of you forgot!) there are other things besides technology

I'm not following anyone at the moment. I mean no offense.

I look at the local timeline and click on your @name to read your toots from time to time.

It's just my way, at the moment, of coping with information overload.

Thanks for following and thanks for reading. ❤️

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I meant it might be harder for those working in technology who must use it to keep a job. I can't programme but can do some html/css but I always struggle with tech. I think the main thing about being a non-techie is we don't want to spend so much time struggling to learn stuff that gets replaced by something else very quickly. I've hardened Firefox, use invidious, search with ecosia, etc because there were good step by step how-to articles.

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Anacrypto says it really well. If everyone working in technology had the same attitude we'd start to see changes in the system because you folk are at the forefront, imho.

Seems like suitable FOSS alternatives for everything are not yet available but they are coming soon.

And the best reason to change? It feels liberating to do the right thing! One life, one opportunity, do your very best!


Has anyone noticed any positive changes since Aral Balkan wrote this wonderful article 2 years ago? I haven't used Facebook, Google, Youtube and others since. It's done me no harm at all, I feel much better for it. I'm not a techie and don't need a mobile phone either, so it might be more difficult for many of you. But have you made changes and have there been any systemic changes?




Great question! Am I being too paranoid when I say you might not be allowed to question technology in the near future? So we've to question it now before it's too late.

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❤️ Spot on! The same happened to me but although I can look back and think about how I could have done things differently I've been happy for a long time despite being relatively poor and not fulfilling many of my hopes and dreams. Some people wouldn't be happy in my situation but I am.

Having said that, I hope I haven 't just invited fate to deal me a bum hand!

@dallin @wholesomedonut

I know how that feels too. Happiness doesn't come from money but it can be a constant worry trying to make ends meet. Try to appreciate what you've got, find time to be kind and be careful what you wish for because it might come true, so wish for happiness rather than financial security is what I'm saying. Financial security alone might turn you into a real miserable old sod. Your heart knows best so listen to it. </true cliches>

Evidence soon to be erased 

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Classic bond villain? Your'e not the one lacking imagination.

If you seriously want answers, the facts and not the theories, you will read carefully this article about how Gates manipulates charity to gain political power.

Follow the references, check the sources and you'll start to see some truth, instead of the media propaganda that this is all a conspiracy theory and Gates is wonderful.


@ghost_letters @pleiades

Africa was an example. Gates wants to play God, so he'd like to control the whole world. He's bought the WHO and who knows how many health organisations. Read my article about herd immunity and think about who stands to gain from it the most. The more Gates invests, the richer he gets. His "philanthropy" is a tax-saving and PR dodge.

@pleiades Health professionals are respected and most people just believe what they are told. So health is a great vehicle for Gates to spread his influence around the world.

Similary, educational pros are listened to as if they know stuff that the rest of us aspire to. So my logical conclusion is that Gates will use the edu sector for his own ends, sending his "educators" to Africa with an "advanced" curriculum with a transhuman or eugenics agenda to setup a post-virus society rebuild.

Wow! Stunning photos of a stunning creature!

Cosmic energies 

The same energy that is backing up the entire universe is also residing in you and me. It is allowing connection to mother earth, father time, celestial harmony, divine light, heavenly nectar, the perfume of paradise and primordial vibrations.

After connecting today, I turned on my monitor and immediately this link landed in my inbox. Planetary synchronicity perhaps? It has meaning for me. Does it mean anything to you? And @pleiades ?


@be Nice! Elementary Particles 2004 reminds me of Trentemoller's Miss You 2006.

Medical advice 

Whether you are pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine, these recommendations from respected doctors are worth following.


Questions to ask before it's too late and the wonderful answers are lost forever.


Great photo! Order your cat online, choose next day delivery at checkout.

Is that men only and can women do whatever they like?

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