@gud I was expecting your reply! I conceive allegorical figures as symbolic expressions of the unconscious that help us give comprehensible form to that region of being which is by nature, well, unconscious. These are just practical names for forces whose real nature we know nothing. We are not talking about "physical spirits", but about psychological forces which exist by the effect that they have onto us. We could of course give them a different name, or use an entire different system.

@gud My way of thinking is heavily influenced by Jung's analytical psychology which conceives everything, including matter, as a psychological expression, and therefore matter is as real as a thought or an emotion. I strongly disagree with materialism, and with the concept of consciousness being the simple result of some mechanical movement between particles.

@gud There is indeed one undeniable truth and that is how our behavior, thinking and feeling is constantly influenced by the unconscious, which goes beyond the individual as multiple experiences show. What is its nature? Are we talking about God? What is God? Assuming we cannot really answer this question, we can still use symbolical figures to work with this phenomena.

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