Cosmic energies 

The same energy that is backing up the entire universe is also residing in you and me. It is allowing connection to mother earth, father time, celestial harmony, divine light, heavenly nectar, the perfume of paradise and primordial vibrations.

After connecting today, I turned on my monitor and immediately this link landed in my inbox. Planetary synchronicity perhaps? It has meaning for me. Does it mean anything to you? And @pleiades ?

Medical advice 

Whether you are pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine, these recommendations from respected doctors are worth following.

Questions to ask before it's too late and the wonderful answers are lost forever.

Amazing festivals way back when.
A whole valley filled with music and happy dancing hippies.
Steve Hillage (System 7) is still going strong. Healthy music!

Anti-mainstream video 

Experts who know as much as those on the inside are rare but vaccine expert Meryl Nass MD and Dr Peter Breggin (who knows more about drugs in psychiatry than anyone else) say do not have the vaccine for these reasons. 1 hour long video.

I know techniques to go within and connect to the real me. When I do it, it works. It's not for everyone though and this blog, How To Be Yourself, appears to have lots of really helpful tips. Thanks @fazzah for linking to part of it earlier.

@kev @cooper @mike @Gina Is the star button mis-named? It doesn't usually signify a Favourite toot, but instead seems to me to mean Thanks For TheToot, Thumbsup, I Agree, I Acknowledge, That's Interesting, Me Too, or My Face Is Wearing A Smile. I don't think it means I Like either because the FB Like is evil. It also can be seen by everyone, whereas the star is only seen by you and the tooter?

Also not turning the star yellow possibly means disapproval to some people. Are changes are needed?

Belief, at best, only ever leads to temporary happiness. To be truly fulfilled you need to KNOW. And know for yourself, not just believe what others have told you. And know in your heart because you can rely on the feelings in your heart of hearts.

Heavy (but short) 

WHO has removed "immunity developed through previous infection" from its definition of herd immunity, saying we need vaccine protection from infections not exposure to them.

Read my #5 at for some of the implications. (Fact-checked)

Facts, Checked, about covid treatment 

I advocate health and wellness, only spread information I think will be useful, have checked my facts and link to sources. This is not empty theory but a practical guide.

The self-isolation period of 10 days gives covid a chance to worsen. Early treatment would prevent many hospitalizations and deaths. A simple solution hidden in plain sight.

Please boost.

Day 3 A Love Letter about Love, Peace and Freedom. What does it all mean?

Sometimes I get caught up in the confusion of conspiracies and theories and get full of ideas of what to say. But if I say them, it only leads to more ideas. So I step back a bit in the hope of seeing things more clearly but if the result is just more - even if better - ideas, then I'm still caught up. The only solution is to step right back and out of there! It's far better for me to feel my peace and think about things where I can make a difference than waste my time on things where I cannot.

Would like to know what you folk know about email encryption and the "Not Encrypted" statement here:
Is that true?

I'm looking for an email provider where I can use custom domains. Fastmail used to be great but now too expensive. Tutanota is OK but everything remains on their server. Their search isn't good. I can keep the free account for encrypted emails though. With Migadu I can use IMAP or POP and webmail too if I wish. It's not foss though.

Political Documentary 

John Pilger The Coming War On China (1hr 52min)

The Coming War on China (2016) is John Pilger's 60th film for ITV. Pilger reveals what the news doesn't - that the world's greatest military power, the United States, and the world's second economic power, China, both nuclear-armed, are on the road to war. The film is a warning and an inspiring story of resistance.

Just posted my second article. Although if it appears on it would seem to be my first. Probly shuntav put the first behind a CW.

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