listen now! amr is live, I'm up next, then we got @snowdusk
#Tilderadio Live!
here's how to tune in: point your media player to
or listen to the web player!

Added some more documentation, fixed some bugs and moved my gemlog to gssg.

It's working nicely.

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Wew, I'm kinda done for today.

"Finished" all the features I wanted for my gemini ssg, the code is a absolute mess, I'll clean up tomorrow.

I made the tooling to get started, though :)

Gonna get some pizza and call it a day.

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Was able to make traversing directories possible in my gemini ssg.

That means that in my index file I can range over posts of a subdirectory and print directly into the file.

The hardest part is figuring out a struct organization that made sense for the users.

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Go templates are awesome.

Writing my own gemini static site generator for fun and games.

Stumbled at this article today

No, git is not hard.

If anything, is the Github-centric workflow that does not properly expose people to the actual git tool and they never get to learn it properly.

I'm starting to feel that articles that say "we should make git easier for everyone" actually mean "we should make people use $PROPRIETARY_PLATFORM instead of git"

Worked on my server today, added configuration file support, virtual hosts and automatic certificate (re)generation.

It works for all my needs now. And it should need zero maintenance from the user after it's set up.

Hosting and on it.

finishing my script to synchronize colors on some applications using base16 and Xresources as base :)

actually it has two scripts:
- read a template file and output a configuration file ready to be used by the target application with colors from Xresources (using xrdb)
- call and refresh/reload some applications to apply the new color scheme

#linux #terminal

So, Thunderbird does not change the SMTP server when changing the From from the Compose window.


Started working on, a gemini project to explore and document cyberpunk culture. And also create a community in the future.


Created a mailing list so that people can chime in and discuss.

Yesterday I broke a drive-side spoke on my road bike during my commute.

Was able to (carefully) cycle home anyway, and luckily I had spare spokes and all the tools needed to swap, reinstalling the spoke and truing the wheel took less than an hour!

(I really have to clean my bike though)

Updated dtfl, my dotfiles manager

Added a simpler URL to download the script and some bugfixes.

Programmers are computing enthuasists

Computing enthusiasts typically have enthusiast-grade hardware

Programmers cannot empathize with the plight of someone on a $100 netbook

This explains bloat

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