Any japanese speaker here? I need to check a translation for "I have no idea" in the sense of "I have no idea how to speak japanese"

Is 何も思いつきません correct?

Ended up finding a pretty good deal on a 3900x, which should be a bit better than the 5800x in the workloads I intend to use, with a bit of penalty in games.

I'm now in that state were you look at the package tracking page every 5 minutes for updates.

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I'm thinking of upgrading my 1600x to a 5800x next month as I've seen pretty big improvements (both from the 2 added cores and the generational leap)

I already have a B450 mobo, so the upgrade should be a bit simpler.

Also, I'll get some 32gb 3600Mhz RAM to go with it.

I'm always compiling large codebases and working on multiple VMs (and gaming of course), so this could be a huge productivity boost.

I'm accepting suggestions for alternatives, btw!

Making Tofu with the Initial D soundtrack in the background

Anti-shoutout to Rust for being fuck you, bootstrap ur mum I will, 'fuck outta here ya cunt

had to import a zfs pool from another system to a alpine server

Just plugged the drives in and:
apk add zfs
modprobe zfs
zfs import <zpool>

at this point the pool was loaded and mounted

all that was left was to enable the zfs-import and zfs-mount services

It Just Works ™️

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listen now! amr is live, I'm up next, then we got @snowdusk
#Tilderadio Live!
here's how to tune in: point your media player to
or listen to the web player!

Added some more documentation, fixed some bugs and moved my gemlog to gssg.

It's working nicely.

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Wew, I'm kinda done for today.

"Finished" all the features I wanted for my gemini ssg, the code is a absolute mess, I'll clean up tomorrow.

I made the tooling to get started, though :)

Gonna get some pizza and call it a day.

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Was able to make traversing directories possible in my gemini ssg.

That means that in my index file I can range over posts of a subdirectory and print directly into the file.

The hardest part is figuring out a struct organization that made sense for the users.

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Go templates are awesome.

Writing my own gemini static site generator for fun and games.

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