Took my son to see the BBC Concert Orchestra this afternoon. I don't normally listen to classical but there is something about it 'live' that raises the hairs on my neck.

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Just finished setting up my Yubikeys (1 active, 1 backup). All emergency keys printed on paper and deleted from disk. It's a full time job this online privacy lark.

Anybody else heard about Amazon refusing to accept Visa credit cards? My first assumption based on the email was that it was a scam (A click here button is a give away) but it has appeared on the BBC news website. Really Amazon? You're going to stop taking peoples money 6 weeks before christmas?

Oh my. The pleasures of rebooting after updating Arch and now all my fonts are huge and XMonad looks odd.

Anybody here know much about loading ROMs into Samsung phones? Can you do it from a Linux machine?

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So I'm working through "The Ray Tracer Challenge" by Jamis Buck. It walks you through writing a ray tracer (obvs) and focuses on unit testing. It's language agnostic and I chose to write mine in C.

I stumbled across a program called Valgrind today. OMG, the code I've written so far leaked like a sieve!

Valgrind is, among other things, a memory profiler that checks for memory leaks. I.e using malloc() and then not using free() later on in your code. A LOT learnt today, feels good.

So I'm ditching Libreoffice Writer for LaTeX and MD.
Is there a good alternative for the spreadsheet? I use them for tracking my finances, simple calculations etc.
I might be able to remove libreoffice all together.

Recently started using LaTeX for creating documents. Last night I found that you can "write" diagrams like flow charts using the tikz package.
Why the hell didn't I know about this 3 years ago when I started uni?! RIP Libreoffice Writer 😆

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