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I have been hacking on code all day and it FEELS GOOD.

Hey Folx! Money is tight but I'm sure if you're following me, if you were gonna buy Healing Rites you have. So can I ask a favour?

Can you recommend it to someone you think would like it? Or buy it for a friend you think would love it! Or leave a review, on itch or on amazon.

I have no money for marketing and I don't want to spam people who have already read it, so a genuine recommendation is gold dust for me. Thank you, sincerely.
Also available on amazon

Thi Nguyen's book on games is outstanding. His arguments about games providing simplified agency within a virtual context are really solid, and also highlight the danger of gamifying complex social interactions. Highly recommend this book.

I need to make some time to explore the Fediverse more thoroughly.

In conversation this morning, my wife confused mesclun (a salad) with mescaline (not a salad). Three strange days, indeed.

Roasted beef bones ✅
Roasted onion ✅
Fish Sauce ✅
Fresh ginger ✅
Water ✅
Simmer for 6 hours....

Good morning. ☕️ Today, we make Pho from scratch. The beef bones are roasting in the oven now.

Been a bumpy few days around the ol’ homestead. Relaxing with some lessons from TryHackMe, Lo Fi Girl on the speakers, and whiskey. Looking forward to my D&D and Dresden Files games this weekend. 🍸️

Signal has recently reported that their service has been blocked in Iran. This block is a direct attack on the secure communication of activists.

In solidarity with the team at Signal we would like to amplify their call for volunteers to help run proxy servers to ensure that protesters have the ability to send and receive secure encrypted messages.

If you are willing to help, Signal has provided step-by-step instructions on their blog here:

It is a rainy day in Northeast Ohio, and I am spending my Sunday Afternoon reading.

Unpacked my Zelazny and Ellison books finally. My office feels complete.

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