Someone running Manjaro Architect on a MacBook Pro? Any hardware compatibility issues?

Who owns a Fairphone 3 and could provide some general feedback?

Someone using unstable as a daily driver?

How "unstable" is the experience?

Revolut changing their policy to be allowed to share data with third party marketing companies was expected to happen sooner or later. Take action and opt-out.

So, now that everyone is done being *surprised* that NordVPN hid their breach, please DYOR before buying super duper mega -75% ten year memberships from services pumping more money into marketing than into .

China is forcing huge companies to support/accept their vision by blackmailing them to end their business in China if they do not cooperate. This is not acceptable. Companies should stop being pussies. If all companies refuse China will be in a very bad position.

What are some nice companies (small ones included) to apply for with a master's degree in ? Please exclude unethical companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon and the like.

This gives a feeling of how the Signal Protocol for the E2EE has been implemented by WhatsApp.

If you didn't already fill out the EU-FOSSA Developer Survey, please do it.

India is really invasive from a perspective as a foreign student doing an internship and traveling.

.@Gargron So I deactivated the "Disclose application used to send toots" option in my preferences. But it still discloses it. Is this a or am I missing something?

So, you essentially got three main account deletion types:

1) You click on the button and it deletes your account.
2) You have to send an email to the support for them to delete your account manually.
3) You click on the button and it gives you back an error 500 or 404. So you gotta reach support again.

And then you got Slack... Slack asks you to reach to the workspace owner for him to ask Slack to delete your account...

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