That feel when you head to the refrigerator not knowing what you're gonna have for lunch, and then you find last night's wonderful left-overs that tasted so good... all you have to do is heat it up. *dance*

Pro tip: If you have a phone mount, you can activate raise-to-wake hands-free by doing a wheelie or coming out of a sharp corner! So convenient, and makes you smile!

Can't do that in a car.

Using a virtual reality application powered by Unreal Engine, the user research team at Subaru brought game dev skills to the automotive design review process.

Learn how customers can see potential new designs without the need to build a physical model:

Original tweet :

Plan your migration to @opensuse Leap 15.4 before the EOL of 15.3 takes effect this winter. Keep your system updated and secured with or consider migrating to Enterprise.

It’s hard being a new manager and talking about ongoing and future work all the time and never completing any of those tasks myself.

I finished The Eye of the World today. I enjoyed 1/4 of the book and don't think it was worth my time. So many pages. Won't be reading the second one.

Why don't we build roofs as a canopy hovering over houses? The sun protection would be much better.

Coffee lovers, we should drink decaf in the morning and regular after lunch. Caffeine in the morning exacerbates the lunch crash and makes people irritable when driving. It’s much easier to let annoying drivers roll off your shoulder when you’re not amped up. (No pun intended 😂)

Did you know that if you have ever sent or received parcels with , your personal information (including your full address, phone, an email) is up for sale unless you fill a form and officially ask them to stop this madness??

The title of the form on their official website is literally "Do Not Sell My Personal Information"!

For the sake of archiving:

I feel like I'm at risk of being banned from GoL for disagreeing with some topics that aren't gaming related yet they're posted on the site. I don't feel like I'm rude at all, but I get thrown as an aggressive hater because other people that I agree with are much more aggressive and, really, stupid in the non-productive way they present their opinion.

Why does my favorite gaming site have to become political?

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