Context clarity: I just got this bicycle brand-new in the Spring.

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After replacing the tube, I found out that my tires were about 20 psi under what I'd like. 🤦‍♂️ I knew the stock tires weren't holding air that great but did not know it was that bad. I wonder if the new tube will hold better. I've never had to refill as often as I have this Summer.

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LBRY exclusive: Watch videos from on LBRY 24 hours before anywhere else!


Did you guys see my latest video?


I got a pinch flat in the rear tire of my today. Should I just go to the bike shop and get any ol' tube, or is there a good, better, best these days?

Since we have a these days, I really need to rebuild my server into a quieter one. She keeps opening the door like every 10 mins! 😠 The server noise is so annoying.

I ate this that sounded gross at first:
kale, quinoa, and red lentils

apprehensive first bite
shovels more in

it's delicious

Started watching the Jack Ryan show on Amazon last night. It’s intense. But I have to say I really like it. My cup of tea you could say. I’ve only read one Tom Clancy , but I can’t deny I’m a fan of his themes

Finally re-launched our Merch Shop! Come grab a cup, mask, t-shirt, hoody or anything else and give us all of your monies.

My family went through South Dakota not long ago and we visited several historical sites. Now, I want a cowboy pistol 🤠

I finished the I, Robot last night. I gave it 4/5 stars on Goodreads for "really liked it." I'm realizing that, as a fantasy fiction fan, I like character development and perspective quite a bit. I also like world building. So, this book was not "amazing" (5/5 stars) for me, but it was still entertaining and interesting -- interesting to think about things that could someday happen IRL!


Today we announced that we filed an EU competition complaint against Microsoft. But this is much bigger than Slack v. Microsoft – it’s really about two very different philosophies for the future of digital ecosystems – gateways versus gatekeepers.


I'm thinking about starting a instance for
Each channel would be for a club.

Would a Raspberry Pi run reliably for 2+ years, 24/7? I’ve debated a few times building a backup server and running it somewhere other than my own home. The 2-year mark would cover the ROI compared to my current solution.

I suppose the Element skateboard company didn’t have any fuss with the new name for the Matrix client 😋

Has anyone here used a 2-bay external drive enclosure before? Does it expose each drive separately to the host? I'm looking for a way to run mirrored storage attached to a

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