Looking at the forecast, I guess I'll put Stabil in my gas tank and tuck it into the corner 😭

It's abruptly cold outside these days and darker. It makes me want to subscribe to an MMO as I like to do in this season, yet is right around the corner. Hmm... one month sub maybe?

More than 2,000 law enforcement agencies across every state now have access to technology that allows them to extract data from confiscated phones.

A new report by @TeamUpturn details the dangerous growth of these tools: upturn.org/reports/2020/mass-e

RT @DrakeGatsby
Website: Make a password

Me: Ok

Website: Make it STRONGER so you don’t get HACKED

Me: Wow alright

Website: Damn that’s a strong password

[1 Week Later]

Website: You got hacked

Me: But my password was so strong

Website: Yeah the whole site got hacked. Our bad

Got my today and my initial impression is I love it! Not that I was dissatisfied with the Kindle Keyboard model, but the Libra H2O is just better! More comfortable instantly (which I was skeptical). Font rendering is superior, no competition. That was the one aspect I knew would be better because I had a family member's newer Kindle to compare.

I loaded some ePub I purchased from months ago via USB cable from my Linux desktop no problem! woot!

If you haven't switched your key and certificate signing algorithm from to , why not?

$ paccache -r

==> finished: 5871 packages removed (disk space saved: 28.08 GiB)

We’ve had our pet for around a year or so. We got it (him?) when he was a puny juvenile. He is pretty nice size now and looks cool. He is also more curious at us instead of being scared like crazy. He just cocked his head at me and stretched closer to my face. Fun! When we got him, he always ran to the edge of his container and clawed against the glass wall to try getting out and away.

Have you ever put peanut butter in hot chocolate? I have.

More than once.

That tells you something.

I've been sitting in the dining room for 20-30 minutes now and no food has made itself into breakfast yet.

Are there any must-read cyberpunk themed ? Fantasy is easily my favorite genre. I have read a handful of Sci-Fi and they've been OK but not outstanding IMO. How about cyberpunk though?

If your time format is for example 07:00, you should NOT have a "PM" at the end. Yeah? I mean, doesn't the 07 indicate 24-hour clock to you?

If you wrote a play on words, how many characters would there be?

I don't think my memory is as good as it used to be, which is why, while reading Sword of Destiny, I am happy with myself to remember quite a few details from playing The Witcher 3 two years ago. 😊

For the folks who run and are also experienced or at least knowledgeable of , what are the things that attracted you and/or keep you on Void? Lack of Systemd? The package manager? Arch not anti-cool enough anymore?

Do you miss the AUR?

I'm not going to argue anyone's opinion. I am curious to hear.

New Features Coming to Signal Groups

Whether it’s staying in touch with family and friends, planning a party, scheduling an event, getting work done, or organizing for change, group chats are an increasingly important part of #Signal. Today we’re releasing a new version of Signal groups that gives you a richer private group experienc...


Heads up that since 12:30 UTC, the matrix.org synapse has been running 2 sharded event persister workers: the 1st time we've ever split the job of DB writing across multiple workers! CPU is reassuringly halved & solves one of the big remaining bottlenecks in Synapse.

I find that when I'm working from home and the rest of the family is out of the house, I'm inclined to turn some background music on.

In contrast, when they're home, having music on creates too many noises. It's like a sonic friction in my brain and drives me nuts.

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