Learned basic HTML and CSS recently and launched my personal site with a minimalist web design.

It has been a very fulfilling experience!



@amer Seems you learnt some JavaScript to.
All I get is...
"This site requires Javascript to work, please enable Javascript in your browser or use a browser with Javascript support"

@greenpete Hey! That's odd. My site only uses HTML and CSS.

Could you give more info so that I can look into it?

@amer At first I was using 'Privacy Browser' in Lineage on my phone.
I have just checked in an up to date version of Firefox on my desktop and I get the same results. Both browsers block JavaScript.
I also get a warning message saying that the SSL cert is untrustworthy.
Unblocking JavaScript and accepting the SSL cert I get your page and the code behind it is clean.
Somewhere, it seems there is some nasty code injection or hijacking.

@amer It could be my end but I have tried on my phone over 4G and my desktop over a completely separate connection.
Also the final SSL cert is also clean it seems...

@greenpete Thanks for this update. I am new to web design. So, I am finding it difficult to diagnose the issue. But, I will definitely try to resolve it.

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