Last week the UK Govt published a new draft of their #OnlineSafetyBill, making UK corps liable for jail time unless they censor "harmful" content (without defining harmful). Targeted at Big Tech it instead directly threatens Matrix. Read & raise the alarm.


@matrix I worry that people who are still using V.H.S. and still can't program them to record are making laws about tech.
Add to that, some have ulterior motives, we're definitely in for loosing more freedoms unless we make ourselves heard.

@greenpete @matrix

oh well played; pretending to be incapable of the most elementary task as spelling 'lose', while complaining about lawmakers inept in a similarly simple act , the rudimentary mistake finely honed to garner the attention of pedantic nerds, accentuated with the irony of an ostensible dolt pontificating about a subject he knows little about, culminating in a comment designed to infuriate all who run across it to the point they could not help but expend energy replying and thus signal boosting your original argument: yes, very well played indeed, sir

sadly, i don't believe the ends justify the means, and just because you could construct such an atom bomb of expostulation doesn't mean you should, for i would hazard that any revolution built upon such nefarious means only bears within it the seeds of its own destruction, thus i will not be joining you on the barricades nor subscribing to your newsletter; good day
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