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We just released version 0.13.0 of #FreeTube!

This new version includes the much requested #Sponsorblock support among a ton of other changes and fixed. Check out the full patch notes over on GitHub.


As always, you can grab the latest release over on the website.


#privacy #opensource

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Wealth & power of corporations comes from the workers. Without burger flippers, wait staff, drivers, etc. they have nothing. Disempower them by never working again for Big Business. Feed, clothe, house & heal each other without the parasitical CEO/bosses. Their food sucked anyway.

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Playing with Artix Linux this afternoon and have to say it is one of the best distros I have played with in a long time.
I may have found a new home! 😃

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"But all my friends use Signal" is a weak excuse.

I have been critical of Signal since day one and have never created an account.

Almost every professional contact asks for my Signal, and I direct them to Matrix.

This has cost me some valuable contacts. So be it.

Lead by example.

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Be the toots you want to see in the world.

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Weird - writing a Paypal scams article for a client (how to avoid them, not how to do them) and using Google docs because that’s what the client uses, when suddenly…

This item has been flagged as inappropriate and can no longer be shared

Which is odd.

I’m guessing Google scans the documents for known spammy /scammy phrases?

Yet another reason I don’t use Google unless I have to…

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I have no education on the Israel / Palestine history. All I know is in 2021 you’d think the human race would have progressed from killing each other to living in peace. We are guardians of a very fragile eco system, Earth. We should all be fighting for its survival.

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Sharing a list of online bookstores I know about so you don't have to buy from Amazon or B&N (EXPAND) 

McSweeney’s, independent nonprofit publishing company

Detritus Books

Firestorm Coop, collectively-owned radical bookstore

AK Press, worker-run, collectively-managed, anarchist publishing and distribution

Thriftbooks, huge independent bookseller, sells new and used books for good prices

Fellow Traveler, bookstore owned and operated by Listen Left Audiobooks

Small Beer Press, publisher of fantasy and literary fiction

Left Wing Books, publisher and distributor of radical books and pamphlets

Bookshop⁣.org, online bookstore with a mission to support local bookstores

#book #books #bookstore #online #boycottamazon #indie #independant

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No, don't do that NHS. Data in a central store for research can and will be leaked, as in other countries, like Australia. healthcareit.com.au/article/my. How will it be stored? Who will access it? We need full transparency on who is accessing and managing that data. #virtualpanopticon
RT @data_nerd
'Biggest data grab' in NHS history stuffs GP records in a central store for 'researc…

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When I said Stallman is a bad leader because he’s bad at social stuff, this should clearly show it off. Louis Rossmann is WAY more sociable while remaining charismatic and honest, and gets his points so much further, to people from all political sides. He stays humble, shrugs off any contributions he’s made, and actively rejects to take over the movement. Every time I watch him, I just think this is what we need more of.

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I drew this, this am in a fit of rage or and anger after scrolling the news feed. What we are seeing live on the internet is the process of genocide, plain and simple. My heart goes out to the Palestinians. Damn it I wish I could do more. #GazaUnderAttack

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All the cool kids are getting PinePhones.

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Just found out about the existence of the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF). Initial members include Google; Microsoft and JPMorgan. Yeah.......that seems suspect. Because when I think of open source and security in positive lights it is those 3.

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Um, wow. Apparently Muse Group robs people when they sign up for a free trial on MuseScore.com, then advertise a discounted subscription, charge people for a subscription they didn't agree to, then refuses to fully refund them. Could Audacity be in worse hands?

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A brand-new release for Arcticons with 43 new icons, 2 updated ones and some tweaks to the menu.

Now available from GitHub and probably on F-Droid in a few days :)

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- mRNA vaccines are easy and cheap to make
- unvaccinated regions are breeding ground for new strains
- new strains are lucrative to big pharma

Waive patents now!


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This morning I have read that the UK government is seeking to disenfranchise voters by:

a) Changing the voting system for mayoral elections to first past the post to make it more likely that Conservative candidates are elected:


b) Requiring photo ID, despite the Electoral Commission saying the country "has low levels of proven electoral fraud”. This is likely to exclude 3.5m younger, poorer voters who are more likely to vote Labour/Green:


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I have finished another article for my blog. It's about systemd and the reasons why it is widely hated and considered harmful for the Linux ecosystem.


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