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Nun übrigens eingeplant: #Linux für Einsteiger:innen. Ich erkläre kurz, was das ist, beantworte Fragen und wer mag, kann ausprobieren. Dazu braucht ihr idealerweise einen USB-Stick (ca. 8GB) und vermutlich etwas mehr Zeit als angegeben. Um 18:30–19:30 Uhr hier:

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Tomorrow Josef will give an insight into open data of governmental budgets (in German). Analysis and data preparation with free tools like KNIME and creating an interactive UI with (Power) BI tools.

Offene Daten für Viele nutzbar machen
2020-12-29, 13:00–14:20, Wikipaka

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Goodbye browser, maybe goodbye Ubuntu?

Ubuntu chose to use snap for chromium, and that breaks so much for me: Again no passwords, no file access, no migration, no addons? Thanks, I am done and gone.

I immediately have to switch to an alternative browser.

For now I'll try with chrome, keeping FF as a backer (as it has always been). And try to use a browser-independent credential store (keepassxc).

Unfortunately Ubuntu forces users into non-free software (also their snap store is non-free).

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BehindTheOverlay is one of the most important browser addons these days, it removes most of the (finally full screen) "popups"/layovers on websites with a click. Most websites nowadays are simply not visible without, and alternatives often have the same problem, so if you want to see the content, this is quick. Thumbs up, it is a working horse still alive and useful! Extension for FF and Chrome available, source

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In Munich the new coalition opens the door towards open source again, after the previous period, in which the successful migration to free software was turned back to let Microsoft take over.

There is an interesting concept of a "Munich Open Source Sabbatical" where developers are supported to work on FLOSS projects for some month. The projects should have a governmental use and benefit, but this opens wide opportunities.


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